Slice of SciFi #77: Live from PME

This week, Michael and Evo record live from the Podcasting and Portable Media Expo in Ontario CA, complete with a live studio audience! Casey McKinnon from The Galacticast joins the guys to read the news, since they can’t handle all those big words Sam uses.

PME 2006News Bytes:

  • Trion World Network hopes to bring the distribution method of iTunes to the world of online gaming
  • “SURFACE” star Lake Bell rejoins the cast of “Boston Legal”
  • FEARNET, a horror channel collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment, Lionsgate and Comcast, to debut on Comcast this Halloween

Anime series “Voices of a Distant Star” (Hoshi no Koe) tells the story of Earth’s galactic battle with an alien for through the eyes of two young lovers, a young girl named Mikako Nagamine who pilots a giant bipedal mecha as part of a fighting squadron, and her Earthbound boyfriend Noboru Terao. Using their love letters as narratives, the story told through these communiques is how audience becomes visually aware of all that is happening on the alien warfront, and are able to travel throughout the galaxy with Mikako on her dangerous and exciting space battle adventures.

“Hoshi No Koe” has been the recipient of many awards over the years including the Seiuj Award for Best Media of the Year in 2003, and Makoto Shinkai walked away with the prestigious Japanese anime/manga AMD Award for Best Director.

The series is available on DVD in the US.

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TV Talk:
Beginning Oct 4th on Comedy Central, a new animated comedy “Freak Show” hits the airwaves. The half-hour comedy centers around the adventures, or better yet, misadventures of a hearty band of carnival side-show freaks who are covertly employed by the U.S. Government as a group of unlikely spies used for missions not requiring the expertise of the CIA or NSA. This Freak Squad, as they are called, take on jobs like sneaking into an embargo’d dictator’s domain and stealing his perry nuts because the President of the United States can’t get enough of their “freaky” taste.

Interview: This week, a scifi roundtable discussion live from PME ensues. Jeffrey Willerth from Babylon 5 and The Babylon Podcast, Casey McKinnon from Galacticast, Matthew Wayne Selznick from Brave Men Run, Dan Kuykendall (author of podPress and several security podcasts), Paul Puri on organizing the Podcast Guild, Mark McKay, and Michael Santarchangelo briefly talk about their inner scifi geek, podcasting, and security.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Matt LeBlanc will be working closely with director James Wong for a horror film entitled “The Watch.” The project is currently in its very early stages of development, but what we can tell you is that the film is set in WWII and focuses on a special team of soldiers sent on a mission that can help end the war sooner by engaging in a battle with a very powerful supernatural force. No word yet on if LeBlanc plans to star in the feature.

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. says

    Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Voices of a Distant Star is that it was entirely animated by Shinkai himself. To have such quality drawing and animation entirely produced by one person is pretty rare.

  2. tllgrrl says

    Re: Trivia Game…
    So, was Jayne Cobb’s line in the [2nd] pilot of Firefly a shout out to Blake’s Seven?

    Crow starts to throw knife at Mal, a shot rings out and Crow falls to the deck clutching his leg.
    Mal to doped-up Jayne: Nice shot.
    Doped-up Jayne: I was aimin’ for his head.

    ; )

  3. says

    What Trion is doing isn’t new. Valve has been doing that with several of their game titles, in particular Half Life 2: Episode 1 and the upcoming Episode 2.

  4. Lier X Agerate says

    Valve and Steam have been doing the online distribution for a while.

    Their latest game ( I believe) on Steam is Defcon, which is based on the 80’s movie Wargames. Defcon is a nuclear war simulator which proves that nobody wins at the end.

  5. Brian from Winnipeg says

    tllgrrl, Firefly has quite a bit in common with Blake’s 7. A number of people have suggested that B7 may have been an influence on Firefly, but I don’t think Mr. Whedon has commented on it. I’m pretty sure that Avon had just shot Travis, but I don’t remember where. It could have been in the leg, or it could have been in the arm that had a firearm surgically attached to it.

  6. Wyrd says

    the Galacticast link doesn’t seem to work–has to have the “www.” taken off of the front:

    Anyone got some links to the security folks that were on? I’d like to check out their podcasts.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  7. Vanamonde says

    Blooming philistines, Gerry Anderson did several classic puppet TV series (Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet) as well as live action (UFO and Space 1999):

    Well at least you got Red Dwarf right.

    RE: Defcon
    You win in the game by killing more people than the other player so it is possible to win the game (of course if it was for real civilisation would be well and truly scuppered).

  8. tllgrrl says

    “Brian from Winnipeg Says:

    October 6th, 2006 at 2:49 am

    tllgrrl, Firefly has quite a bit in common with Blake’s 7. A number of people have suggested that B7 may have been an influence on Firefly, but I don’t think Mr. Whedon has commented on it.”

    Come to think of it, didn’t Joss spend a great deal of schooltime in the UK? Was he there when B7 was on the air? Was B7 a long-running show, like Dr. Who?
    Very interesting.
    Think I’ll head over to Netflix…

  9. SteveUK says

    Hello love the work that you do on all the shows.

    I remember reading somewhere that Joss Whedon is a fan of Blake`s 7 and that show was a influence on Firefly.

    Steve from Old York

  10. Brian from Winnipeg says

    SteveUK, where/when did Joss Whedon comment about Blake’s 7? I’d love to hear/read his comments.

    tllgrrl, there are no region 1 DVDs of Blake’s 7. There is a region 2 (UK) DVD set for each season and, there were North American VHS tapes. It ran for four seasons from 1978 to 1981, with 13 episodes in each season. The first two seasons were very good, but the third and fourth seasons were rather weak. “The Signal” talked about B7 once, and they compared it to Firefly. I suspect there will be some more Blake’s 7 discussion in a different podcast….

  11. SteveUK says

    Brain from Winnipeg

    I think it was on a satellite movie program when the movie came out last year.
    My wife is a big Blake`s 7 fan and likes Firefly just as much, thought that B7 might have been an influence on the show.

    Steve from Old York

  12. SteveUK says

    Brian from Winnipeg

    The Joss Whedon comments were in a movie magazine called Empire which came out last year when Serenity was released.Sadly I don’t have that issoe any more. Sorry


  13. Xander (from London) says

    Joss was in UK during B7’s run. As it was popular (10 million viewers) and Joss is a fanboy, there’s a good chance he saw it.

    I can’t find relevant quote in Empire’s online JW interviews.

    Re. the clip, I’m pretty sure Travis’ laser hand got hit.


  1. […] While at the PPME I met up with the legendary Evo Terra and got to sit in on a recording of the great Slice of SciFi podcast, which was quite alot of fun. It was recorded in Evo’s hotel room with a bunch of us hanging out in there. Amoung the live audience Mattew Wayne Selznick (author of Brave Men Run), podcasting “good guy” Paul Puri (founder of the Podcasters Guild), podcasting “mean guy” Steve Eley (Escape Pod), and fellow security podcasters Michael Santarcangelo (Security Catalyst) and Martin McKeay (Network Security Podcast). […]