Slice of SciFi #66: Voicemail Show

Just a reminder, we have switched the release order of the shows, so the voicemail shows for the previous week’s episode are released on Tuesdays, and the new Slice of SciFi episode are released the next day, on Wednesdays.

This is to give everyone plenty of time to listen to a show, then call in a comment, if they feel the urge.

Remember, this is the show for our fans and listeners! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that it just won’t fit in one show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

Michael, Summer and Evo dive into the voicemail backlog!

  • Paul from Lancaster on science exploration for commercial reasons
  • Laura from MD enjoyed the interview with Dr Wiliams
  • Tony in KC on suggests “Old Boy” as a movie made from video games
  • Darryl from Austin on USA Network’s “Psych”
  • Thomas from Flagstaff on making movies from short stories
  • Kevling on the Doctor Who S2 Finale
  • Paul from Des Moines on timeless characters: James Bond
  • Eamonn from England on “The Watchmen”
  • Michael in Nashville gushes on Doctor Who S2 Finale
  • Brad from Podculture comments a comment about lack of emotion in Dr Who
  • Andrea on not comparing TV shows when telling other people about them
  • Bronzethumb on Michael’s CA Browncoats invitation
  • Ben in Chapel Hill on screen credits for story production
  • Ken in Atlanta wants to know what we think about the Blade TV series on Spike
  • Rapid Eye in NC has a Eureka contest entry
  • comment about LOST producers at Comic-Con
  • Liam in MO wants George Lucas to know that we are not his gullible zombies

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can call, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. Alvie says

    Actually I am a gullible zombie when it comes to many things, especially things Lucas. Sorry, I perpetuate the problem, I cant rail against it. Clearly its a personal problem that I must deal with…

  2. says

    Note I didn’t say his stories were followed exactly … just that they had been sold.

    Novella, short story….whatever ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. says

    Hey, I’m the one who submitted The Plan.
    1) We don’t, and we encourage others not to buy the new Star Wars 6-movie set until after Christmas.
    2) The 2nd week of Jan 07, let’s say, we all send the disks for episode 1-3 back to Geo. Lucas.

    If we did this, this would send a huge message that we geeks/nerds/fans aren’t just buying zombies who can be controlled (completely) by such sucky ploys as bundling eps. 4-6 with 1-3 in order to make more money. We’ll but them, but we’ll do it after the holiday rush and scare the crap out of the suits.

    But more importantly, if we send the disks back for 1-3 (I mean c’mon, even though they sucked, we all already have them, right? If for no other reason that just to watch the Qui-Gon/Obi/Sideous fight at the end of ep. 1,) then we’re making a huge statement that we want quality. That yes, we love Star Wars, and we reject crap. You people better star thinking about making quality, and not screwing us at the checkout counter, or we will make a stand.

    Can you imagine what kind of media attention this kind of protest would make? We nerds doing something in cooperation that doesn’t involve gathering like lemmings at the doors to the theater or a Wal-Mart on the release day of something?!

    For it to work, we need the support of all podcaster, bloggers, clubs, gaming store, etc. We need to spread the word! Let’s make it happen!!

  4. says

    Liam- If you dont like something….dont buy it. Its that simple. Dont buy it.

    Its the stupidest idea ever. You are still giving money to them.

    Ill repeat myself, If you dont like something then dont buy it.

    Oh and Liam if you read this….tell me how many times did you see each Prequel? I want an honest answer.

  5. says

    I was thinking this over some more:

    I would say your idea would be the same as if we all decided the new Sprite can design was crap. So we all go out and buy a case, and drink them and send back the empties. What the hell are the people at coke going to do? One of thwo things, they will either recycle the cans to make more cans, or they will just throw them away.

    now with the DVDs, I doubt they would repackage them, so they would just throw them away. Dumbest Idea ever. unless you ultimate goal is to get a way for homeless people and seagulls to get the prequels.

  6. says

    Thanks Jason for being so candid.
    If you heard my VM you’d heard me say my original idea WAS to advocate not buying them.
    However, I’m a realist. No matter how much we gripe and groan and complain, we’re still going to buy them in droves.
    Lucas himself could personally crap in every set, and people are still going to buy them.
    I agree that duh!, obviously not buying them is the best solution. But I could jump around and scream for that and maybe hundreds of other people will jump on the bandwaggon, and then that Tuesday when the disks come out, 99% of those people will look at this set of episodes 4-6 on DVD and think “never buy them? That’s awfully harsh,” and off to the cash register they go, with all prospect of sending a message about us not being sheep going out the window.

    Advicating buying them later is a realistic goal. People will jump on the bandwaggon, and when they see the set on shelves, they can say to themselves, “that’s OK, I’ll get you, in only a few months.” Meanwile pre-Xmas sales are slow, some suits get a little worried, and maybe some people who were going to buy the set after a few months of putting it off will decide you know, maybe I DON’T need to buy it after all,” then the excitement of the release day and the thought of “never!” would have been too much to bear.

    Plus, sending back half the disks, yeah, they’ll have made their money. Fine. But the message is, we’re willing to pay our money for the good stuff, and won’t settle for the crap. Have the crap back, thank you.
    They may smile that they finally got their money, after Christmas when they really needed it before, but with a stigma of a massive movement sending back half the product on their PR backs.

    Stupidest idea ever? You’re giving me too much credit. Yu-Gi-Oh is at least a little more stupid than this. =)

  7. says

    Regarding “real” science guests, i have the PERFECT guy for you. Phil Plait, the “Bad Astronomer”. I’m a huge fan of his, you can check out his blog at:
    He has a whole section on “bad” science in scifi, and is extremely “podcast-friendly”. Normally he does interviews on astronomy, or skeptical debunking (he was a guest more than once on the “Skepticality” podcast), but i’d love to hear him talk about science fiction with you guys.

  8. says

    Im sorry youre idea just dosent work. Its like punishing a kid by saying “You cant have this ice cream right now. but in 15 minutes you can have it.”

    And Its EXTREAMLY easy not to buy things. I do it every day. If you cant control yourself…then you need to get help.

    And you still havent told me how many times you saw the prequels in theaters.

  9. says

    Liam: I’m with Jason C. here. Buying the disks and returning them is an ascinine idea that fails right when it came out of your mouth. Even if you can get 100 people to follow your plan do you really think Lucas will get the message? This is the man who remade the original trilogy because it “wasn’t his true vison.”

    The suits aren’t going to care if you send the movies back. They’ll just keep counting the washingtons and laugh at your idiocy.

    I’ll be the first to say the prequels are not my favorite. Pretty much out of the whole 6 hours that is the prequels, there is maybe an hour of watcheable footage, the rest has the mute button pressed. But you know what? I’ll be buying the box set of the prequels (that is if they just package 1, 2, and 3 together with out the remakes). Why? Not because I’m a zombie, but because those movies are a part of my culture. Just like every other science fiction movie out there. If we start bagging on one what is to stop us from trashing the rest of the genre?

    Comparing movies to other movies and setting the bar at a level that is unrealistic is detrimental to the SF genre, and it is people like you who make it hard to get quality original SF in mainstream media.

    The zombies are nott he ones who like Lucas’s films, it is you who jump on the hate bandwagon and try to ruin what little subject matter we have to fill our lonley existence.

    So I say buy as many copies as you can. Give them to friends and family members, and even those homeless people and seagulls who couldn’t afford to buy a piece of American cinema history.

  10. says

    OK, whatever. Was just an idea. I still think the movie “Shock Treatment” was probably an even worse idea than mine. *shrug*

    And Jason, sorry, forgot to answer your question.
    How many times did I watch eps 1-3 in the theater? Each one twice.
    Each time was with the same two different sets of friends/family. And I went the 2nd time not just because of the fun act of going out with friends, but each movie has one scene that provides the movie with any value if you see it in the big screen/big sound. (Not everyone has a home theater system.)

    How many times have I watched the movies since video/DVD?
    ep. 1: Three times (and each time I skipped eveything except the final saber fight.)
    ep. 2: Once (Just to watch from Yoda’s fight on to the end where you hear the Imperial March for the first time as the clones load into pro-star destoryers.)
    ep. 3: None.

  11. says

    Hey, hang on a second. I hate to bring up old laundry, but am I to understand that you people are allowed to spoil Serenety for several thousand people, yet you won’t play voice mail messages about Superman movie or play potential Dr. Who spoilers because “You hate spoilers.”

    That’s it, I’m making it my mission to have the script to the season finale painted on a billboard in front of Draco Vista Studios.


  12. says


    Didja ever think that the “no spoilers” is mostly because the guys learned their lesson after the SerenityGate incident? :)

    Never again will they drink Mudder’s Milk, or any other fictional brew, as punishment for spoiler etiquette.