Slice of SciFi #61: Interview with Patrick Flueger (“The 4400″)

Patrick FluegerNews Bytes:

  • Ghost Rider updates from Nicholas Cage
  • The DaVinci Code sets box office records
  • “Doctor Who” Season 1 DVD hits shelves on July 7
  • “The Dead Zone” Season 5 begins June 18 on USA Network
  • “Blade” pilot to air on Spike TV on June 28
  • Showtime renews Masters of Horror series
  • Jerry Lewis taking The Nutty Professor to Broadway

TV Talk: SURFACE still strong with fans, and the petition is hoping to get SciFi Channel’s attention on the show

MovieTalk: Rob Zombie has John Carpenter’s blessing to remake Halloween

Slice of Trivia

Interview: Patrick Flueger, one of the stars of USA Network’s hit series The 4400 joins us for a chat about the upcoming new season, about the developments in store for his character, Shawn Farrell, and more, including the fact that he’s a big fan of scifi.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?

  • James Cameron hard at work on Battle Angel and Project 880 – Avatar simultaneously
  • “The Science of Stargate SG-1″ special to air July 14

Podcasting News: We’re running the podcasting track at DragonCon, as well as running the Parsec Awards for Excellence in Podcasting. Check out DragonCon in 2006, and we hope you can make it!

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  1. says

    Hey Mike. When you guys were talking about
    The Science of Star Trek and SG1, it was pretty clear that Evo and Joe do not understand the difference between “science” and “application”. When Evo talked about flip-phones, that’s an application of science.

    Physicists and mathematicians have long had a fascination with Star Trek. Many, including Stephan Hawking, have gone on record that they are looking into the physics of teleportation. Wormholes, quantum entanglement, and other theories are valid science. Just because we can’t figure out a way to apply those theories does not mean that teleportation is not possible. The same goes for other ideas in Star Trek and SG1.

    Evo has a pretty good grasp of science, so I am surprised that he outright dismissed “science” in this case. I’m sure if the thinks about it, he’ll see that he was wrong.

  2. Alvie says

    Ghost Rider does look wicked cool. Just remember that Hulk did too and, while not a terrible movie, didnt live up. Hopefully Rider works.

  3. says

    ditto with ditto. Stargate dosent just bullshit everything, most of it has a base in science. Sure its “fiction”, but they try to base it in fact.

  4. says

    Yea, I’ll believe Ghost Rider is good when there is a full length movie to examine. Can’t wait to listen to the voicemail show with the party of folks present.

  5. Tim Morris says

    Guys, Jerry Lee Lewis, “the Killer,” is still alive. He’ll be 71 sometime in September this year.

  6. says

    Absolutely Tee. I couldn’t believe what I heard and about fell out of my chair. These young bucks need to confer with this old man before making such statements. Hmmm, how crazy is this?…..I was around when the Killer, Elvis, Cash, Perkins and Orbison first came on the scene. Jeeeez, I’m old! :)

  7. Nigel in Melbourne says

    When it comes to slasher films, there origin really comes from the Italian Gialo film. eg have a look at Dario Argento’s Suspiria.

  8. says

    >>>Battle Angel sounding like Cherry 2000??
    >>>Dude, Battle Angel is a great anime! Watch it. I >>>insist, nay demand!

    LOL…..Cherry 2000 is a great piece of scifi, and gorramit everyone should watch it!

  9. Andrea says

    “When it comes to slasher films, there origin really comes from the Italian Gialo film. eg have a look at Dario Argento’s Suspiria”

    I hoped someone commented about Dario Argento. when I heard his name on this episode I almost feel over. All of his movies are so terrifying. He is AMAZING. I have several on VHS. Suspiria is great, another good one was Inferno. I heard he is making a new movie.

  10. Paul says

    A little bit of trivia on the Trivia: that clip from [I]X-Men[/I], that was the only scene from [I]Serenity[/I] writer Joss Whedon’s rewrite of the script that actually made it into the movie. So there you go. ๐Ÿ˜€