Slice of SciFi #60: Balticon 40 Report

News Bytes:

  • Disney goes with CinemaNow for its digital download purchases
  • 20th Anniversary Transformers: The Movie Special Edition DVD set for November 2006
  • Superman Returns release date moved up 2 days to June 28th

Movie Talk:

  • $40 million animation project Sheepish set to begin production in 6 months
  • The Rock quashes rumors that Spy Hunter had been placed on hold because of script problems

TV Talk:

  • David Eick spills some beans on the upcoming 3rd Season of Battlestar Galactica
  • NBC renews supernatural daytime drama Passions for an 8th Season

Discussion: Paul Fischer of the Balticon Podcast, Mur Lafferty of Geek Fu Action Grip and I Should Be Writing, and Steve Eley of Escape Pod report in from Balticon

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?

  • Spanky Johnson: Monster Hunter — one more scifi comedy on the production slate for 2006
  • The next Bond movie has been set for pre-production, with Tom Stoddard being tapped to write the screenplay

Podcasting News: We’re running the podcasting track at DragonCon, as well as running the Parsec Awards for Excellence in Podcasting. Check out DragonCon in 2006, and we hope you can make it!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. TallGirl says

    “Spanky Johnson”? WTF??!!
    I had to put my head on my desk when I heard that.

  2. ignacio says

    cannot find it in the show notes.

    what is the podcast where they interview the bloke from Galactica?

  3. Dave from Scottsdale says

    Just a little feedback,

    Normally, you guys are funny. That Kilroy 2.0, if that indeed what was “cutting” into the broadcast, was really not.

    Also, did I miss the Trivia? That’s one of my favorite sections!

    Last bit, what do you guys think of SciFi soiling the waters of science fiction by placing WRESTLING on the air… if you have discussed it I missed it. Yes, it is fiction… but please, for love of the gods of Kobol, not on the only science fiction station I have (Let’s face it, its the only one that supports the sci fi shows it creates).

    Dave from Scottsdale

  4. says

    Doug was on hiatus and will be back with trivia for show #061 due out on 6-13-06.

    You must of missed how we have been ranting mad on how, what did Mike call it?…..WRAST-LING, on SciFi. We hate the whole idea….sucks big time.