Slice of SciFi #51: Voicemail Show

This show is for you! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that it just won’t fit in one show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

  • Mark from Memphis chastises Mike for hanging around “Nevo”
  • A message for all: “Play Games”
  • Walter from LA corrects Evo’s assertion that David Goyer was responsible for “Catwoman”
  • Ray from Lost Socks Insanity has another snakes story
  • John has some news about some upstate New Yorkers having already seen Doctor Who
  • McCoy thinks SciFi Channel should pick up Slice of SciFi to fill the gap left by SciFi Buzz
  • Big Mac on the new Doctor Who
  • Big Mac wants help identifying a long lost tv show
  • Moose gripes on voicemail line, and a lack of Galactica
  • Rapid Eye loves the Galactica finale and rails on those who didn’t
  • Jerry from Hawaii likes the Firefly-Galactica connection, too
  • Enormous from Australia appreciates the show suggestions from Slice of SciFi
  • Darryl in Austin wants some Red Dwarf chat, and loves Galactica, and won’t rant on LOST anymore
  • Brad from Podculture has another addiction thanks to us
  • Isaac in KC also prefers a Hellboy TV series, and worries about Galactica’s new direction

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can call, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. Jason C. says

    About K-9 on Dr. Who: Im pretty sure that he will be appearing on this 2nd season coming up.

    I remember seeing him on the trailer for the 2nd season.

  2. says

    Yeah, K-9 will be in series 2. w00t.

    Also returning, according to the series 2 trailer, will be Elisabeth Sladen as the ever popular Sarah Jane Smith. Anthony Stewart Head, of Buffy fame, can be seen doing a weird, anamalistic snarl in the trailer. So, presumably, he’s in series 2 as well.

  3. Big Mack says

    Thanx alot Jack… that’s been bugging me alot lately… and yeah I agree with Jeremy, I was 13 at the time and alot of things were ‘cool’ back than. Of course Star Trek:ToS sucked egg’s and didn’t redeem itself until Wrath of Khan (am from the TNG/DS9 gen…. passed on Voy, and missed Enterprise (was driving over the road no tv)) so who know’s… Of course got some of it wrong they got trapped on another world not different, ok IMDB article refreshed some memories… only 7 eps aired but questionably 13 made so ripe for a DVD… How about around the sametime… Whiz Kid’s???? anyone remember that one… hacker brats!!! lol

    da Big Mack

  4. fred says

    Joe had made mention that a major drawback to a Slice of Sci-Fi on the Sci-Fi Channel is that dudes were 10 pounds of ugly in a five pound bag. Well, Joe actually used a bit more direct adjective describing the situation. Nevertheless, mass media has already shown us the way through this. Lip-synching. It doesn’t always have to be the same people. But for the first show I’m thinking Millie Villine (shit, I have no idea how to spell their names) can stand in For Mike and Evo. Ashley Simpson can sub for Joe. And, just to keep the mystique alive, Summer can be the voice coming from behind the command pedestal ala the Original Battlestar Galatica.

  5. Tim(sanelunatic) says

    I have listened to you podcast for some time, and have heard you rip on the Saturday night movies on the SciFi channel. Not that I am disagreeing with you, some have been left with me saying “what the f*ck!” but the is a far bigger problem that must be brought to light. This it the SciFi’s channel bumper where the man is with the little dog and proceeds to blow into the dogs behind and change it into a inflatable animal. If it is a choice between 10 seconds of crappy movie compared to watching someone blow into a dogs ass, give me the crappy movie any day. Having brought this to light I call out to all sci fi fans, get this ad off the air. Who knows what the damage it is doing to the people who are watching. The next time you see you children kissing the dog at the wrong end you will know who to blame. This is the one and only sanelunatic saying stop the madness.

  6. Shane says

    Thank you to the other caller that corrected you guys on the heat in Florida!! The real reason I emailed was the show was Otherworld, as already established, and I too loved it when I was a kid, watching it on my little Black and White TV. I tried to track it down forever, but with no luck. Then, a few years back, Scifi Channel had a run of shows that only lasted a few episodes, and thus would have been forgotten forever. They ran Otherworld and Darkroom, another show I was looking for, and I taped them on my old crappy VCR. I have them transferred to DVD-R now, and I wish Scifi would do something like this again, because they played a lot of shows that people would probably never see again, and had creators video commentary during commercial breaks. Otherworld is crappy, but it’s nostalgic crap!!

  7. SaMM says

    Who did that “Play Games” mix? I would like a decent (above 96 kps) copy of it. Usually you guys name names (which is how I found Jonathan Coulton & made an actual cash $ download of re:your brains). But there’s no names for this track.