Slice of SciFi #29: Interview with Tim Brazeal

This week, Tim Brazeal of Trek Fans United tells us what he can about the new secret Trek related projects.

News Bytes:

  • Director named for next Trek movie
  • Scotty’s ashes headed for space
  • Mission: Impossible 3 cast additions

Movie Talk: X-Files 2 is still in the speculative stage, but Duchovny and Anderson are ready to reprise their roles as Mulder and Scully

TV Talk: New Spike TV series Blade in pre-production with plans to air in 2006; FOX Home Video reduces the cost of the X-Files: Seasons 1-3 Collector’s Set from $149.95 to $49.98, effective January 31, 2006

What’s On Out There?

  • Spielberg announces new cinematic technology touted to change movie-viewing
  • Spy Hunter movie starring The Rock and directed by John Woo slated for Summer 2006 blockbuster status

Interview: Tim Brazeal says what he can about Project X

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  1. says

    Mike and Joe — GREAT JOB guys. Missed Evo and Summer, but you both did a terrific job and the conversation was enlightening and stimulating. Loved it —- two thumbs up!

    Now to the other thing:

    As your lowly producer and Managing News Editor I must take full responsibility for not informing you of the theatrical release of Romero’s flick…but but but, it did so poorly and was seen by so few and was pulled so quickly from the movie houses that it may as well be termed “Straight To Video.” I simply felt that it wasn’t worth correcting Evo since, by all box-office accounts he was correct.
    By the way, George should give us a stipen because now that we have mentioned his flick —several times— he is going to sell a ton of DVD’s. Also, I saw it and kind of liked it, but then again, as you all know, I’m a bit weird.

  2. says

    Hey Guys!

    Info on the James Doohan Memorial shot can be found at Where the say they take a ‘small portion’ of the ashes and encapsulate them for placing them in space. they’re saying Jimmy’s ashes will last about 10 years up there before burning up in re-entry

    Great show guys! you’ve become a regular staple to the pocasts I’m downloading!

    Take care,


  3. says

    Listening to y’all talk about box sets….Yes, Paramount does charge too much for Trek box sets. I’ve got all mine off the 2nd hand market for less than that..the ones I have. I am weak and had to have all of classic Trek.

    As for the X-Files, I bought the first couple of seasons back when they first came out…and so I’m annoyed at my lack of patience. Oh well..I am sure I enjoyed them all $100 worth over the years! LOL

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.