Slice of SciFi #17: Interview with Patricia Tallman

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On This Week’s Show: Patricia Tallman of Babylon 5 fame.

Other Topics:

The News This Week:

  • Bill Gates – Not ready to be hard-wired yet.
  • Virgin Galactic is on track with new investors.
  • A Star Wars type planet has been found.
  • LeVar Burton working with Stan Lee concept.

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  1. Hey, great to see you guys back. Loved the interviews. Keep up the great work.

  2. Good show fellas. I’m really glad we are back on the air and the site is up and running like gang-busters. Thoroughly enjoyed that interview with Patricia. She, Stephen and Walter together on B5 made that show worth watching for me. Now there is an idea, perhaps we could get Stephen to come on the show. I’d love to hear him talk about his Animal House and B5 days.

  3. New site looks great! I really like the header with the rotating graphics of sci-fi characters and their iPods headphones.

  4. The website looks great, thanks for all the hard work you guys put in for the fans. Wonderful show as always. You make my work day much more enjoyable.

  5. Just listened to the latest show. Great as always. Enjoyed both interviews a lot.

    Well, I’m a computer geek, so I enjoy helping with the website. It’s fun having a little part in this.
    ( I’d really like get hold the ****, who did this though. )

    I have to say a big THANK YOU to you guys as well, for doing all these great shows :-)

  6. The site looks fantastic, guys. Good work getting it back up for us uber-fans. Props to Nina!

  7. I agree on the site looking incredible (kudos to Nina and the other website gurus). The rotating headers are cool.

    M&E – congrats on another excellent episode.

  8. What a terrific interview!

    I have such a soft spot for hot chicks who kick ass! Too cool!

    Nice interview, guys!