What people are saying about Slice of SciFi:

I dig their podcast, and I especially dig how they’ve built their website for Slice of SciFi

Chatty, hip and entertaining, Slice of Sci-Fi is definitely worth a listen.

You guys know a lot more of this genre than I ever will. On behalf of the cast & crew, thank you for carrying the torch for the show.

I appreciate the work you guys do too, so I had a look at your site and well done!

It was your support that I think might have had something to do with [Charlie Jade coming to the United States]. It had a grassroots support in cyberspace and that’s what you guys are about.

You one of those people responsible for this? I think it is very cool… without you guys no matter how much hell I raised… it wouldn’t have happened unless you got on the wagon and helped me do that.

Slice of SciFi Rules!

Slice of SciFi has always been there [for me] and a great program.

Slice of SciFi website; It’s a great show. I hope everyone subscribes!