“Town of the Living Dead”: Not Your Grandma’s Zombies

Town of the Living Dead

Have you ever wanted to make your own zombie movie? Has your grandmother ever wanted to make her own zombie movie?

Producer and “Mombie” Tina Teeter chats with Summer about Thr33 Days Dead, the zombie movie she and the entire town of Jasper, Alabama have been working towards completing for the past 6 years.

Another Living Dead Remake On Tap


The original Night of the Living Dead was filmed around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1968. The movie has seen its fair share of remakes and imitators but none have ever measured up to the original. Director Zebediah De Soto is hoping to change that with the latest Dead film he will be calling Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D.

Arnold To Battle Zombies


The Terminator is getting ready to go toe to toe with the undead. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed up for the upcoming zombie movie Maggie. The script from John Scott 3 about a father whose daughter is infected by a walking-dead virus that has spread across the country. Commercial director Henry Hobson will helm the film, […]