The CW Owns October


Syfy may brag the name but The CW has become the home of sci-fi/superhero programming.

Stern Pinball Brings The Walking Dead To Life

TWD Stern pinball

Stern Pinball makes the gaming collector’s wet-dream a reality.

An International “Walking Dead” Series


AMC announces new companion series to “The Walking Dead.”

The Rise of a Young Filmmaker

trash encounter

Every filmmaker started somewhere. Let us introduce you to Nick Mastrangelo. Remember that name.

Morgan Freeman Takes on Zombies

Morgan Freeman "Through the Wormhole"

Science Channel’s Emmy-nominated Through the Wormhole has broken ratings records during it’s fifth season, and now Morgan Freeman takes on the possibility of zombies and what they could potentially mean for humanity.

Don’t Go Near the Dam!


Think Black Sheep in a lake.

Hans Battles the Undead


Rocky and Expendables staple Dolph Lundgren takes on zombies in this popcorn release.

“Pandemic” by Scott Sigler — A Slice of SciFi Book Review

Pandemic by Scott Sigler

Like the pathogen described the novel, Scott Sigler’s Pandemic quickly infected me from the very start, causing my mind to race with excitement as the pages took its course. Soon, I was unknowingly contagious, talking about the novel to others and subconsciously spreading the virus to others.

Fast or Slow Zombies – Time To Choose


Slow, Fast or Ultra-Fast Zombie? You decide.

Mythbusters Take on Zombies

Kari Byron and Zombies

Mythbusters. The Walking Dead. Zombie slaughter. Michael Rooker. Too much fun for a single hour of television?

Another Living Dead Remake On Tap


The original Night of the Living Dead was filmed around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1968. The movie has seen its fair share of remakes and imitators but none have ever measured up to the original. Director Zebediah De Soto is hoping to change that with the latest Dead film he will be calling Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D.

“Day of the Dead” Reboot Coming

Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell’s Campbell Grobman Films have snapped up the rights to the ’80s movie and will reboot the property for release in 2014.

Arnold To Battle Zombies


The Terminator is getting ready to go toe to toe with the undead. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed up for the upcoming zombie movie Maggie. The script from John Scott 3 about a father whose daughter is infected by a walking-dead virus that has spread across the country. Commercial director Henry Hobson will helm the film, […]

World War Zzzzzz

World War Z

The hype is finally over and it’s time to hit the theaters to See World War Z. Or is Monsters University a better use of your hard earned dollars? There’s eight new people with The Right Stuff over at NASA! Doctor Who Rumors (or is it Rumours?) keep flooding the interwebs, but do you buy into the nonsense? Congratulations to Game of Thrones – You’re now the most Ripped Off show ever!, Plus there’s more news, audience participation and laughs on today’s Slice!

King of the Nerds: Ivan Van Norman

King of the Nerds Ivan Van Norman

Slice’s Exclusive Interview with Ivan Van Norman, finalist on TBS’s “King of the Nerds” competition reality series. Ivan talks to George Chase at Hypno Comics about his audition tape, his obsession with Dragons, his popular and successful Role Playing Game, “Outbreak: Undead” (learn how to play this game at, and Why your Zombie Survival Plan will Fail ~ but do you agree with Ivan about what makes a good Comic Book store Great??