Lindelof Critical of January Jones


Actress January Jones has come under scrutiny during her time on the TV show Mad Men. Fans and critics have debated for seasons the extent of her acting ability on the acclaimed AMC series.

So it shouldn’t be a shock that her performance in X-Men: First Class as Emma Frost is receiving some scrutiny as well.   [Read more…]

Vaughn Says “First Class” Will Be Like “Batman Begins”

Director Matthew Vaughn is taking a page from director Christopher Nolan’s book when it comes to “X-Men: First Class.” Vaughn tells MTV News that the upcoming film is an origin story that will feel different from other origin stories we’ve seen before.

“This is going to be very different. What I’m doing no one has done in superhero films. It’s James Bond, it’s a political thriller and it’s an X-Men movie,” he says.
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