“The X-Files: Season 10, Volume 1″ — A Slice of SciFi Reivew

X-Files Season 10

Following the success of several Whedon-verse series continuing their run in the pages of comics (Buffy, Angel and Firefly), it was probably only a matter of time until other comic publishers looked to other niche genre series from the same era. And with The X-Files celebrating its twentieth anniversary this fall, the time is ripe for special agents Mulder and Scully to return.

“X-Files 3″ Could Be a Reboot

It worked for James Bond, Captain Kirk and Bruce Wayne, so why not Fox Mulder and Dana Scully? Web site Slash Film reports that 20th Century Fox is interested in a third installment for the “X-Files” series, but that it could be a reboot. A report on Bloody Disgusting said, “While they work to confirm […]

Remembering Kim Manners


Prolific television director Kim Manners (59), who brought a distinct visual style to “The X-Files” and “Supernatural” as well as dozens of other television programs, has passed  away after a long fight with cancer according to our partners over at TV Guide On-Line. Manners was a producer and director for “The X-Files” and on the […]