Stern Pinball Brings The Walking Dead To Life

TWD Stern pinball

Stern Pinball makes the gaming collector’s wet-dream a reality.

An International “Walking Dead” Series


AMC announces new companion series to “The Walking Dead.”

The Rise of a Young Filmmaker

trash encounter

Every filmmaker started somewhere. Let us introduce you to Nick Mastrangelo. Remember that name.

Darabont Sues AMC Over “Walking Dead” Profit Manipulations

The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead is one of the biggest hits on TV right now and former producer Frank Darabont wants what’s his.

“Walking Dead” Set to Get Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 4

AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead will shamble on.

Watch a Pivotal Moments From This Week’s “The Walking Dead”


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead featured our heroes facing the implications of the new flu virus and struggling to fend off Walkers.

“The Walking Dead:” Infected — Check Out An Exclusive Scene

The Walking Dead Season 4

The latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Infected” has set fans buzzing across the Internet.

The second installment of the fourth season features this scene where Tyrese comes upon a horrifying scene. The good folks at AMC sent over the scene for you to check out again.

Mythbusters Take on Zombies

Kari Byron and Zombies

Mythbusters. The Walking Dead. Zombie slaughter. Michael Rooker. Too much fun for a single hour of television?

When Will We Get More “Walking Dead?”


TV’s biggest scripted hit will return on Sunday, Oct. 3.

What’s Ahead For “The Walking Dead?”


If you’ve missed any of the first three seasons of The Walking Dead, AMC can help you catch up next week.  The cable outlet will air the first three seasons in a marathon starting July 4th.

Lincoln Doesn’t Mind Emmy Snubs For “The Walking Dead”


Actor Andrew Lincoln isn’t too concerned about the lack of Emmy love for his hit series The Walking Dead. “I don’t really think about [the lack of recognition] too much, in all honesty,” Lincoln – who plays Rick Grimes – told Deadline. “It was [former exec producer] Frank [Darabont] and everybody at AMC’s intention to elevate […]

How Much More “Walking Dead” Could We Get?


AMC is so confident TV’s current biggest scripted hit will remain one that one network executive predicts The Walking Dead could continue for at least another decade.

Which Character Is Coming Back To “The Walking Dead?”


Warning: If you haven’t seen the season finale for The Walking Dead and don’t want to know details, please turn back now. There are SPOILERS just ahead.

“The Walking Dead” — Season Three Review


For the most popular, scripted series on television, you’d think The Walking Dead would be a lot better than it is. Or maybe I should say you’d think the series could be more consistent. A solid stretch of episodes to start season three were ultimately let down by the back half of the season.

Kirkman Confirms A Character Will Be Back on “Dead” Next Year


If you watched Sunday night’s season finale of The Walking Dead, you may have noticed that the fate of one of the big characters from season three was left open.