5 Episodes In: The Originals


I love a good vampire story, always have. So, I wasn’t real sure if having a spin-off of a successful show like The Vampire Diaries was a bad idea or one just ill-timed, but I had concerns that this new show called The Originals might not be the best idea. Happy to report my misgivings were ill-placed.   [Read more…]

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” — A Slice of SciFi Movie Review


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Just look at what I just wrote. It’s a collection of words that have NO business being anywhere near each other. It’s ridciulous. It’s absurd. There’s no way you can take it seriously because of how ludicrous it is.

And so, when seeing a movie called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter you should expect an absurd, ridiculous, and ludicrous movie.   [Read more…]