“The Lego Movie” Trailer Released


Billed as the biggest movie ever assembled, we’ve got the first look at the upcoming Lego Movie.

“The Wolverine” Trailer Released


20th Century Fox is teasing audiences with another look at the upcoming The Wolverine.

“Gravity” Trailer Released


Warner Brothers has released the first trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

Watch Riker Take a Chair


We’ve all seen the Picard maneuver, but do you know about the Riker manuever?

It’s Spock vs Spock


Who would win a battle between the original Spock and the rebooted Spock?

Ender’s Game Teaser Trailer Sneak Peek

Ender's Game

Ready to see what the world of ENDER’S GAME looks like on film? Then don’t miss today’s teaser trailer debut at today’s Google+ Hangout event!

Fans Create “Man of Steel” Opening


While we won’t get to see Man of Steel for another month and a half, that hasn’t stopped a couple of fans from creating their version of how they’d open the movie.

Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie (GrittyReboots Trailer)


What could happen to the world as seen through the eyes and darker imagination of a grown-up Calvin? See for yourself

R.I.P.D Trailer


Check out this trailer for the Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds supernatural comedy.

Third “Man of Steel” Trailer Released


One of the biggest question mark of the summer is how successful with the reboot of Superman be?

Syfy Releases “Helix” Trailer


Syfy has released a new trailer for the upcoming series Helix.

New “Defiance” Trailer Released


Syfy has given us another sneak peek at the upcoming series Defiance.

EXCLUSIVE Trailer for “The Wolverine”


Many trailers for THE WOLVERINE will be rolling out the gates soon, so check out this exclusive trailer from Fox:

New “Doctor Who” Trailers Released


Over the weekend, the BBC and BBC America released new trailers for the upcoming second half of series seven of Doctor Who.

Robot Combat League: A Slice of SciFi Behind the Scenes Exclusive

Robot Combat League

Slice of SciFi gains unique access to Mark Setrakian at Spectral Motion. Slice TV producer Brian Hennessey gets up close and personal with Mark’s 8-foot tall fighting Robots to see how they’re made, what they cost, how they work, and what their weaknesses are. Brian and Mark met hours after the premiere of Robot Combat League on Syfy and talked about watching Mark’s dream come true.