First Superman Pic for New Film

superman cover

Here is the first official look at Henry Cavill returning as the Man of Steel for the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick.

DC Comics Movies Unveil at July ComicCon


Warner Bros./DC Comics set to unveil their superhero movie schedule at San Diego ComicCon.

Batman Vs. Superman Title Unveiled


We now know the title for the new Batman/Superman film starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.

Snyder Continues To Enrage Superman/Batman Fans


Word out of Hollywood is Snyder has made another bold (or silly) acting choice for the part of the nefarious and quirky Lex Luthor in the upcoming superhero flick.

Alan Kistler on Superman’s S

Superman's "S"

Slice of SciFi contributor Alan Kistler of Stay Geeky shares some brilliant historical insight on the origins of the big ‘ol “S” on Superman’s chest. See how it evolved, what it meant over the years, who had a say in the designs and how we perceived it, and why it all makes sense now… thanks to Alan’s concise report. Join Sam, Michael, Meghan and Tim as they dig deeper into this “S-capade”!

“Man of Steel” Live Online Fan Event

Man of Steel Yahoo! Event

Join Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder with special host Kevin Smith on November 9th at 9:00AM PST/Noon EST for an exclusive fan event on Yahoo! Movies.

The cast and crew will talk all the things Man of Steel, discuss what the future holds for the Last Son of Krypton, and answer live fan questions.

Straczynski Calls Out DC

J. Michael Straczynski

Are you a DC fan who is frustrated with their cinematic output? You’re not alone.

Affleck Responds to Batman Critics


Actor, director, screenwriter and producer Ben Affleck is no stranger to fan outrage or hyper criticism.

Cranston Is Lex Luthor


Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston has signed a deal to portray baddie Lex Luthor.

Superman and Batman on Same Big Screen for the First Time


Director Zack Snyder surprised everyone at this year’s San Diego Comic Con with a huge announcement.

Warner Brothers Reveals Plans for DC Franchise


Warner Brothers offers a hint of what’s to come for the DC movie franchise during a panel at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.

Is Superman Changing?


Warning: This article will have SPOILERS for Man of Steel and the Justice League #22. If you don’t want to know details, please stop reading here.

Man of Steel or Boy Scout?

Man of Steel

After much concern and debate about the “boy-scout” persona of Superman in past films, how did the producers solve the image problem for the “Man of Steel”?, Break out the Band-Aids because the the red stuff is flowing again on the new season of “True Blood”!, Does Spielberg’s Tom Mason need to have his priorities adjusted on “Falling Skies”?, Did you order all your favorite games for the PS4 yet? And Zoe is back with a sneak peek at her Red Carpet event for the horror film “Hatchet III”.

“Man of Steel” — A Slice of SciFi Review

Man of Steel poster

For DC fans who’ve long wondered if there was enough unsullied heart and imagination left in Hollywood to look beyond the cliches and bring Superman to a new generation that wants to believe a man can fly, it’s safe to believe again.

Rare “Action Comics” Sells For $175,000


A couple of days ago, we told you about David Gonzalez, the Minnesota man who found a copy of Action Comics #1 in the attic of a house he was remodeling.

Gonzalez put the comic up for auction and now he’s reaping the rewards.