Stargate Is Returning To The Big Screen


A Stargate big screen trilogy is a done deal.

“Stargate: Universe” Fans Petition Netflix


While it looks like Netflix won’t bring back Firefly, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t bring back another cancelled before its time series.  At least that’s what fans of Stargate: Universe are hoping.

Which “Stargate” Actress is Joining “S.H.I.E.L.D.”?


She’s journeyed across the universe via Stargate and helped people in the E.R.

New “Stargate” Headed Our Way?


Could we be getting ready for a new journey through the Stargate?

According to the latest rumors, yes.

Remembering Joel Goldsmith


The musical world has lost the composer who gave us the musical sound behind the Stargate franchise.

Devlin Still Interested in “Stargate” Movies

Writer and producer Dean Devlin says that now that Stargate franchise has wound down on TV, he’s still interested in pursuing sequels to the original movie.

Syfy Writes An Open Letter to “SGU” Fans


If you’re like many of us, you’re still mourning the passing of SGU. The final episode aired earlier this week on Syfy. If you’ve tuned in to our voice mail show lately, you know that a lot of fans out there are none too happy with Syfy over the cancellation of the show. Now Syfy […]

Series Finale of “SGU” Tonight


Tonight we bid farewell prematurely to Stargate: Universe.

The show concludes tonight with its final new episode and what could be the final look at the Stargate franchise for a while.

Wright: No SGU Movie Coming

Fans holding out hope for an SGU movie to wrap-up the series will be disappointed to hear what producer Brad Wright told this weekend’s Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fans of the franchise will also be disheartened as well.

Looks like the series finale of SGU will be the last Stargate we’ll see for a while.

Hewlett: “Stargate” Franchise Has a Future

While Stargate Universe may have seen its run cut short by Syfy, actor David Hewlett says he doesn’t think this is the end for the Stargate franchise.

New”Being Human”, SGU Monday

BEING HUMAN: (Monday, March 28, 9:00 ET) — “Going Dutch”

STARGATE: UNIVERSE: (Monday, March 28, 10:00 ET) — “Hope”

Wright Talks Final “SGU” Episodes

As “Stargate: Universe” gears up for its final ten episodes, producer Brad Wright says that fans can expect the series to pull out all the stops, starting with tonight’s episode, “Deliverance.”

“I’m pretty happy with the whole back 10,” he tells Blastr “I think we come back from the break very, very strong, with some really, really moving episodes and actually some big action stuff. ‘Deliverance,’ which is the second part of the two-parter, has a ton of action in it.”

Stargate: Universe: Season 2.5 — A Slice of SciFi Review

Reviewed by: Michael Hickerson (Slice of SciFi Editor) Stargate Universe: “Deliverance,” “Twin Destinies” & “Alliances” Airdates: Monday, March 7, 14 & 21 at 10 p.m. EST on SyFy. Slice of SciFi Rating: 5.0 out 5.0 SGU continues to impress as one of TV’s best genre shows Fans upset that SyFy has given the boot to […]

“SGU” Returns Monday on SyFy

STARGATE: UNIVERSE: (Monday, March 7, 10:00 ET) — “Deliverance” In the anticipated return of an all-new episode of Stargate Universe, Dr. Rush checks on the team as they try to run a bypass through a section of the Destiny to boost power.  Slow and steady seemed to be the right road until they pushed a […]

SyFy Sets “SGU” Return, Acquires “Sarah Connor”

The final 10 episodes of “Stargate: Universe” will begin airing on SyFy very soon. In fact, the return is less than two weeks away.

The show will air Mondays at 10 p.m. EST, starting March 7 reports TV Guide.