Syfy Writes An Open Letter to “SGU” Fans


If you’re like many of us, you’re still mourning the passing of SGU. The final episode aired earlier this week on Syfy. If you’ve tuned in to our voice mail show lately, you know that a lot of fans out there are none too happy with Syfy over the cancellation of the show. Now Syfy […]

Wright: No SGU Movie Coming

Fans holding out hope for an SGU movie to wrap-up the series will be disappointed to hear what producer Brad Wright told this weekend’s Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fans of the franchise will also be disheartened as well.

Looks like the series finale of SGU will be the last Stargate we’ll see for a while.   [Read more…]

Wright Talks Final “SGU” Episodes

As “Stargate: Universe” gears up for its final ten episodes, producer Brad Wright says that fans can expect the series to pull out all the stops, starting with tonight’s episode, “Deliverance.”

“I’m pretty happy with the whole back 10,” he tells Blastr “I think we come back from the break very, very strong, with some really, really moving episodes and actually some big action stuff. ‘Deliverance,’ which is the second part of the two-parter, has a ton of action in it.”   [Read more…]