Star Wars: The Psychology of Heroes and Villains Dr Travis Langley delves into the resonances of "Star Wars" in geek life and real life

Star Wars Psychology

This week, Summer talks with Dr Travis Langley, psychology professor at Henderson State University and aficionado of the connections between pop culture and psychology. His earlier books include “Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight”, and “Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead”, but his newest collection is “Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind”.

We talk about the connections people form with both heroes and villains, and how using the broad appeal of pop culture helps get more people interested in the psychological aspects of their favorite characters, and quite possibly in themselves as well.

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Do the Young Adult Retellings of the Original “Star Wars” Trilogy Work? Thoughts on the young adult perspective from a father of five boys

Star Wars

For the most part the books tried to close some of the plot holes left by prequel trilogy. Some of these worked out better than others, but it was nice to see. I will also be curious to see how many of the changes that took place in these books become changes and carry over to the new trilogy. I have a feeling that the described size of the rebellion and its fleet in Beware the Power of the Dark Side will play a role in the coming movies, but we will see.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Star Wars: A New Hope: The Princess, The Scoundrel, and The Farm Boy” Retelling the classic tale from new perspectives for a new young adult audience

Star Wars: A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy

Imagine if someone asked you to retell the story of the original Star Wars for a new Young Adult audience. Now imagine that you can only tell the story from three perspectives, who do you chose?

Luke is obvious, but what about the other two?   [Read more…]

The Force is Strong with this Chef Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block is Ultimate Movie Fan Kitchen Accessory

Star Wars Knife Block

The X-Wing Knife Block includes a stylish set of stainless steel knives, including a bread knife, carving knife, cooks knife, utility knife, and a paring knife. Not only is it useful in the kitchen, but the X-wing fighter shape is sure to keep the big kids happy.   [Read more…]

Excerpt: “Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars” (audio) A new Luke Skywalker adventure by Kevin Hearne

Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars

For the first time ever, an audiobook from the Star Wars universe told from Luke Skywalker’s first-person point of view… HEIR TO THE JEDI: STAR WARS is the latest from Kevin Hearne (bestselling author of THE IRON DRUID CHRONICLES), a thrilling adventure set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back as Luke embarks on a rescue mission and navigates his relationship to the Force.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Star Wars: Tarkin” A Slice of SciFi Book/Audiobook Review

star wars-tarkin

“Star Wars: Tarkin” answers the troubling question of how a young lad born and raised by a prominent family on one of the outer rim planets (Eriadu), places normally reserved as breeding grounds for rebels, thieves, gangster thugs (the Hutts), hijackers and smugglers (Han Solo) could produce a man like Wilhuff Tarkin who would rise to the Empirical rank of Grand Moff.   [Read more…]