Galileo Restoration Project

Star Trek Galileo

Slice’s Exclusive Interview with Adam L. Schneider – the man who found the Star Trek “Galileo” Shuttlecraft and revived the decrepit studio prop and restored it to the highest quality. Adam is a hard core model builder with a lot of experience, but this is so unlike any previous project. Success was achieved with a lot of help in the restoration came from Star Trek fans who volunteered!

Star Trek Plot Holes

Slice Trek Geek Week

“Star Trek Geek Week” rolls on with Yoda…wait! What?? The great Nexus debate; How the ST Fandom Monster thrives; ST Web Series; Shatner’s “Get A Life”; ST Comics can change the timeline; Generations is hooey! What’s ST fodder and what sticks?

Star Trek Topps Trading Cards

Topps Star Trek

Slice’s “Star Trek Geek Week” continues with an Exclusive Interview with Paula M. Block and Terry Erdmann, Authors of several Star Trek books including the new “Original Topps Trading Cards” from the ToS series from Abrams Books. Get the inside scoop on collecting and keeping the trading cards of our fav show. Great insight on the 1976 release of these rare cards. But it turns out Paula and Terry are massive DS9 fans! Find out all the behind the scenes of researching and writing the Star Trek books you have on your shelves!

What Hooked You On Star Trek?

Slice Trek Geek Week

“Star Trek Geek Week” begins today! It’s the 47th anniversary of the premier of NBC’s “Star Trek” series. It’s all Trek all the Time… Slice of SciFi is rooted in Star Trek fandom with the Save Enterprise efforts; how did YOU get snagged on Star Trek? The good and bad of Rubber Monsters; Spock gets stoned; Can we as humans, get better??

Star Trek Cannot Go Into Darkness


Star Trek Into Darkness holds a distinction in the franchise. It is the highest grossing Star Trek film to date, was loved and praised by professional critics while being parodied and panned by hard-core fandom.

Star Trek Renegades Panel – Space City Con 2013


Tim Russ brought in many of the cast and crew of Star Trek Renegades for a huge panel at this year’s Space City Con in Houston.

Urban Calls For More “Originality” In Next “Star Trek”


Earlier today, we told you that Roberto Ocri and Alex Kurtzman are coming back to write the next Star Trek installment.

Kurtzman, Orci Asked to Write Next “Star Trek”


Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci aren’t done exploring the final frontier.

“Star Trek III” Removed from Netflix


If you want to search for Spock, you’d better get the physical disc.

The Resurrection of Galileo


Star Trek’s famous shuttlecraft Galileo gets saved and resurrected from oblivion by a dedicated fan and donated to the Houston NASA Space Center.

Star Trek Origins Release Date Set for September


If you’re new to Star Trek: The Original Series or in need of a refresher, look no further than Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins.

New “Trek” Fan Series Debuts


A new fan produced series based on the original (and still the best) Star Trek has made its debut.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” Blu-Ray Details Released


Star Trek into Darkness is coming home on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 10th. But fans can see it at home a month earlier via digital download on August 20th.

Thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness


I am not a huge Star Trek fan. My grandmother was the original Trekker and she loved, nay adored, Star Trek in all its forms. I think they’re merely okay. I like them just fine, but I don’t care about “canon” on this series. Who did what to whom in which of the many versions and iterations of Trek means pretty much nada to me. I care about being entertained. And while I had a couple little niggles about J.J. Abram’s Star Trek reboot, overall I thought it was awesome.

Roddenberry’s Remains Will Rocket To Outer Space


The earthly remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry will soon be headed to the final frontier.