Star Trek “Woman Cave”


We have all heard of the “Man Cave,” that one special place men like to scurry off to in their homes that is their special place for alone time in the big overstuffed recliner, fridge, possibly a bar, big screen TV and poker table. Let us introduce Line Rainville. She has built herself a “Woman Cave” and it’s all about original series Star Trek.

Klingons for Congress?

David Waddell (NC)

On Thursday in Indian Trail, North Carolina, town council member David Waddell submitted his letter of resignation — written in Klingon.

Star Trek: Renegades – The Final Teaser


Check out the final teaser for Star Trek: Renegades before the soon-to-be released production hits your computer screens

Breen Disruptor Rifle Prop Used in Renegades For Sale


Fans of Star Trek and collectors may find this next item being offered by the production team of “Star Trek: Renegades” a tempting offer. They are offering a custom-designed, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Breen Disruptor Rifle prop which was used in the pilot episode of “Star Trek: Renegades.” This prop was utilized by ‘Prak,’ the Breen renegade character

“Star Trek Volume 6: After Darkness” — A Slice of SciFi Review


The latest collection of IDW’s re-imagining of classic Star Trek episodes in the rebooted universe picks up right after this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness left off and finds Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise finally heading out for their historic five year mission.

Star Trek FAQ 2.0 – A Slice of SciFi Review

Star Trek FAQ 2.0

There have been countless books written about Star Trek. We have seen books ranging from the making of the different series of shows, books on Star Trek trivia, books on timelines, and even scriptbooks. So, it came to no one’s surprise that a book of Frequently Asked Questions would be released. What did surprise me was the format of this particular book.

How To Turn Your Shower Into a Transporter


You can turn your bathroom into a replica of the transporter room from classic Star Trek.

Principal Photography for Star Trek: Renegades Wraps


Principal photography for the pilot episode of Star Trek: Renegades has wrapped.

Young Joins Renegades


Blade Runner and Dune star joins cast of Star Trek: Renegades.

“Beam Me Up Scotty”


21st Century transporter technology.

Roddenberry On Patrol


This film brought to you by Renegades Studio home of Star Trek: Renegades.

Orci Responds to “Star Trek Into Darkness” Criticisms


While Star Trek Into Darkness did a solid business at the box-office and garnered solid critical reviews, some fans were not happy with the latest journey into the final frontier.

Free to Play!

Star Wars The Old Republic

There are a variety of free-to-play MMORPGs (Mass-Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) of excellent quality right now on the market. I’m going to present the format of free play and its benefits and limitations, along with some games that use it. This will not be an exhaustive list by any means, there are simply more games than I have the ability to talk about here.

Where No One Has Gone Before

Slice Trek Geek Week

Slice of SciFi’s “Star Trek Geek Week” continues with Trek to the Troops, a charity group that sends Trek goodies to our military, merchandise and collectibles emerged over the decades and set a standard for all other genre shows. Emotions run high when a Trek fan comes close trekdom, What happened to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas?? Cell Phones are a direct result of Trek Tech, ST is a sense of adventure and exploration, and with a mission statement to Go Where No One has Gone Before… thats what we love about Trek!

Galileo Restoration Project

Star Trek Galileo

Slice’s Exclusive Interview with Adam L. Schneider – the man who found the Star Trek “Galileo” Shuttlecraft and revived the decrepit studio prop and restored it to the highest quality. Adam is a hard core model builder with a lot of experience, but this is so unlike any previous project. Success was achieved with a lot of help in the restoration came from Star Trek fans who volunteered!