McKay & Payne Talk Trek 3

StarTrek3 600x300

Our friends over at have just released an extended exclusive interview with screenwriters Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne.

First Official Axanar Trailer Released


The first official trailer for “Star Trek Axanar” subtitled “Prelude to Axanar” has been released and it looks phenomenal.

Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: The NASA-Star Trek Mind Meld


NASA and Star Trek have mind-melded and the end result of that magnificent decision will come to light in about one hundred years from now with the announcement from the space agency that it will be building its first deep space, long range human inhabited spaceship. And, you are going to love the name it will be christened with.

Star Trek 420: Borough on the Edge of Forever – A Parody


A Star Trek parody based on the original series episode from Harlan Ellison titled “City on the Edge of Forever.”

Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Universal Translator


At this year’s Code Conference Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was on hand to give witness to a new Skype innovation of technology, something quite familiar to Star Trek fans, the universal translator.

Savage Revives Ransom For Independent Trek Film


Actor John Savage has a Star Trek dream that is slowly coming to fruition.

Nimoy “Out of This World”

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Star Trek Into Darkness" - Arrivals

The one and original Mr. Spock – Leonard Nimoy – announced he will make a live appearance this week at the Boston Symphony Hall with the POPS Orchestra that will be performing the “Out of This World with Leonard Nimoy” concert series.

Orci To Direct Next Star Trek Film


Paramount has announced its director for the next film in the Star Trek franchise. It will be Roberto Orci.

Star Trek: Horizon


Star Trek: Horizon takes up the story of the early days of the oft spoken of but never seen Romulan War with the newly formed Coalition of Planets, the first inklings of what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets.

Star Trek: Renegades – “Picture Is Locked”


The latest news from Tim Russ and the creators of Star Trek: Renegades is “Our picture is locked!!”

Shatner Receives Prestigious NASA Award


William Shatner recipient of NASA’s highest civilian honor.

Star Trek: The Q Gambit


In “The Q Gambit” the omnipotent but harassing Q takes the Enterprise crew on a journey that will include other well known members of the Trek franchise

Which Original Series Star Trek Actor Also Worked In A Star Wars Film or TV Series?


The answer may surprise you.

Star Trek: Live In Concert


“Star Trek: Live in Concert” is coming your way.

Why Wil Wheaton Is A Cool Dude


Ever wonder why we geeks and or nerds, both young and old alike love Wil Wheaton?