6th Annual Burbank Intl’ Film Festival Winners


Winners of the 2014 Burbank Film Festival Awards were announced with Star Trek Continues getting the nod for Best New Media Drama Presentation.

Star Trek Continues: Fairest Of Them All – A Slice of SciFi Review


“Fairest Of Them All” does exactly what it was suppose to do – give fans some good “Mirror, Mirror” closure after 47-years.

Star Trek Continues Readies Launch of 3rd Episode


This 3rd episode is a sequel based on a fan-favorite from the original series. Spock has a goatee – can you guess the TOS favorite episode?

Star Trek Continues: Lolani – A Slice of SciFi Review


Star Trek Continues has launched its second episode after an impressive release of its first titled “Pilgrim of Eternity.” This second episode is called “Lolani.”

New “Trek” Fan Series Debuts


A new fan produced series based on the original (and still the best) Star Trek has made its debut.

Star Trek Continues – A Slice of SciFi Review


The first episode of this new series of adventures has been completed, made its debut at this year’s Phoenix Comic Con and is now available for viewing online. It has everything the Star Trek original series fan could want.