“That’s How I Was Raised And I Turned Out TV!”

Brainwashed by TV

Slice of SciFi takes on Television and unravels the mystery behind your viewing habits by asking the one simple question the Lame Stream Media is AFRAID to ask!!!

What are you watching?

Science Channel: The Unexplained Files

Unexplained Files

Are you a fan of the weird, the spooky and the unexplainable? Josh Berkley, executive producer of Science Channel’s new series, The Unexplained Files, joins Slice of SciFi to give us an exclusive look at things that happen in our world that we still can’t explain.

Geoff Notkin talks Big Ass Meteor

Geoff Notkin

One serious big ass Meteor hit the Moon, so Geoff Notkin of Meteorite Men on Science Channel gives the headlines and NASA shows us what happened! Wonder how Star Trek science really works – we’ll show you, Martian Rover Makes Milage Milestone, ZombieChannel.com says Amazon dropped Zombieland because you said so, and will the Game of Thrones tv show finish the story before the books are written?

Like this kinda geeky science? Let us know…

Slice of SciFi #471: Debbie Myers (Science Channel), plus X-Men Hookups


NASA’s Voyager 1 is about to leave the heliosheath and the solar system, Snow Crash going into development again from Paramount, Game of Thrones S1 DVD will be edited to remove a prop George Bush severed head; Brent Spiner joins Warehouse 13 this season; Lucas Till wants Havoc to hook up with Polaris in future X-Men films

Slice of SciFi #393: A Conversation with “Meteorite Men” Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold

Today we’re talking to Geoff Notkin and Steven Arnold, better known as The Meteorite Men! Find out all about the third season of one of our favorite shows. It’s currently airing on the Science Channel.

Slice of SciFi #391: An Interview with Josh Berkley, Executive Producer of “Oddities”

Josh Berkley, Science Channel

Welcome to the mid-week installment of Slice of SciFi! We’ve got a great interview with Josh Berkley, executive producer for Oddities. Find out more about some of the unique items that will be on the show as it enters its third season.

And, of course, we have the latest news including a great new way to spend 55 seconds while answering the call of nature. We’ve also got a preview of some exciting new things coming to Slice in 2012!

Slice of SciFi #387: Rod Roddenberry on “Trek Nation”

Rod Roddenberry

On this edition, we talk to Rod Roddenberry about the upcoming Science Channel special Trek Nation. Find out more about this documentary on the life of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and then make plans to tune in on November 30th.

Slice of SciFi #376: Kari Byron on “Large Dangerous Rocket Ships”

Images: Science Channel

Considered the “Super Bowl of Rocketry,” LDRS (as it’s known to insiders) is the U.S.’ largest competitive rocket launching event drawing rocket enthusiasts and competitors from as far away as Australia. In this second annual world premiere special, SCIENCE takes viewers inside the competition to witness the personalities, rivalries, and backyard genius that makes LDRS such a blast to watch.

Netflix Reaches Streaming Deal With Discovery Communications


Netflix is expanding its digital content offerings thanks to a new deal with Discovery Communications. The flagship channel as well as TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery and Science and Military channels are included in the deal encompassing such popular series including as Man vs. Wild, Sister Wives and River Monsters. It does not include content […]

Slice of SciFi #361: Interview With Debbie Myers (General Manager, Science Channel)


This week, we’ve got a great conversation with the Science Channel’s Debbie Myers for your enjoyment. Debbie Myers is general manager of Science Channel, and leads the development, production, scheduling, research, marketing and communications efforts for Science Channel.

She’s come to talk about a lot of great shows that are currently running or getting ready to debut on one of our favorite cable outlets.