“Jericho” Returns (In Comic Books)

Good news for fans of “Jericho.”  The series will return to a comic-book store near you. Devil’s Due Publishing signed a deal with CBS Consumer Products to publish a new comic book series that picks up where the cult-hit television series left off according to the Hollywood Reporter. “’Jericho’ is alive and well, thanks to […]

“Jericho” Stars Fine With Movie Idea


At least two of the stars of the now defunct CBS “Jericho” series said that they would be up for doing a full-length, big screen feature film based on the television show. “Jericho” was canceled after one season by CBS but fans inundated network headquarters with 20 tons of peanuts sparking execs to bring the […]

Hick’s Picks: Jericho Updates

Are Jericho fans the new Browncoats? Certainly the two fanbases share the same passion for their shows and the dogged persistance to make sure their favorite series won’t be relegated to a passing answer in a future edition of Trivial Pursuit. Twice-cancelled by CBS, Jericho‘s fans aren’t giving up on the hope of seeing their […]

Don’t Tread On Me – New Call to Get Back Jericho

First net savvy, intelligent SF fans inundated CBS with 40,000 pounds of peanuts after CBS execs canceled “Jericho.” They got their inspiration from the lead character, Jake Green’s response to a call to surrender from a stronger force that was rising against the small Kansas town. That major sign of protest on the part of […]

Barbee Works to Extend Jericho’s Life‏


The second season finale of “Jericho” airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on CBS and while CBS has given the show the axe for a second time, fans of the post-apocolyptic thriller shouldn’t lose hope that this will be the last time they’ll see the series. Executive producer Carol Barbee confirmed that there are negotiations […]

Jericho Gets Nuked

No amount of fan letters, emails, phone calls or campaigns would make CBS execs listen this time around and give Jericho a full third season, so don’t expect a cliffhanger next week when the series ends its run on the eye network. The excuse given by the honchos at CBS is the show simply couldn’t […]

“Jericho” Fans Plan Pre-emptive Strike

Last season, “Jericho” fans bombarded CBS with tons of nuts to get their favorite series back on the air after it was pre-maturely cancelled. This time around, fans aren’t waiting for the renewal or cancellation announcement to mobilize. With three weeks left in the second season and the overall ratings for the show shrinking, fans […]

TV Guide’s Bubble Poll – A Vote for “Journeyman” or “Jericho” Is A Vote for Humanity

Submitted by: Kevin Bachelder (SoSF Fan) Thought you’d all want to put your “Journeyman” or “Jericho” vote in on this TVGuide.com poll on well know critic Michael Ausiello’s blog page… Which “bubble” show deserves another season the most? GO VOTE HERE: http://www.tvguide.com/News-Views/Columnists/Ausiello.aspx

New Amsterdam Wins Timeslot — Jericho Does…OK

The debut episode of the Fox drama “New Amsterdam” won the 9PM timeslot on Tuesday with a solid premiere rating aided by a typically massive “American Idol” lead-in, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “New Amsterdam,” is the new weekly SF show that follows the life of an immortal named Amsterdam (the original name for the […]

Jericho 2nd Season Opener Stats

CBS may not have done a good enough job getting the word out about “Jericho,” its famously uncanceled show’s return. While Tuesday night’s season two premiere fared better than the first-season finale, it was still off from the show’s first-season average and finished second in its new timeslot. The show’s second season, which debuted this […]