“Terminus” Coming in 2015


All things must end

6th Annual Burbank Intl’ Film Festival Winners


Winners of the 2014 Burbank Film Festival Awards were announced with Star Trek Continues getting the nod for Best New Media Drama Presentation.

Hungerford American Debut at Shriekfest 2014

shriekfest 2014

BFI darling Drew Casson gets his U.S. film debut of Hungerford at Shriekfest 2014

“Shockwave, Darkside” Premieres in August


Inspired by the storytelling of 1950’s classic science fiction writing “Shockwave, Darkside” is a new 3D sci-fi film from writer/director Jay Weisman.

“SOS: Save Our Skins” — A Slice of SciFi Review

SOS: Save Our Skins

SOS is similar in style and tone to something like Kevin Smith’s debut feature Clerks. It’s a couple guys with a video camera, seemingly having fun with their friends and coming up with skits to make themselves laugh.

2014 Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival: An Interview with Andrea Beesley

IHSFF 2014

Slice of SciFi executive producer Summer Brooks chats with Andrea Beesley, director of the International Horror & SciFi Film Festival and maestro of the themed monthly film series at The Film Bar.

We also talk a little about the Film Bar series, currently celebrating “Alien April”, featuring screenings of E.T., The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, and Spaceballs each weekend this month.

“Auroras” – A Stunning Independent Short Film – Coming Soon


Director Niles Heckman has created a stunning and unique sci-fi film about love, separation, and having to say goodbye.

The Flying Man – A Superhero Short Film

The Flying Man

“The Flying Man” is a unique sort of superhero, one who deals with bad guys swiftly and without prejudice and doesn’t seem bound by a society’s code of justice.

Final Selections for 6th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival

Imagine Science 2013

Celebrating Science in Cinema, the Imagine Science Film Festival has announced their official selections for this year’s festival, October 11-18 in and around the Greater NYC area

Team Unicorn FTW!


Team Unicorn recently hit with their their geek music video, “For the Win”, and that’s only what they’ve done lately. Unicorns Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley and Rileah Vanderbilt come to Slice of SciFi this week to talk about some of the past projects, present triumphs, future wins of their multimedia production studio, and the short form music video and comedy short projects they’ve already done.

‘Zero Charisma’ To Debut Next Week


Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham are partnered up on the geeky comedy Zero Charisma, these veteran editors are making their directing debut when the film screens at next weeks SXSW.

Life Tracker: Would You Want to Know?


If DNA could predict your future, would you want to know?

Slice of SciFi #489: Sasha Roiz and Nir Paniry on “Extracted”

Slice 489

Today’s Slice of SciFi news minutes: World War Z happens all the time, Terra Nova tosses Pink Slips, Alan Moore and the Watchmen are… different, Why some Actors can’t wait to Die, Reboot your Brain with Hugo 3D, Multiverse News, Extracted with Sasha Roiz, Flight Test Land, AMC visits Area 51 and found aliens, Booster Gold is coming — bad title and all!

Interview: This week, Sasha Roiz returns with writer/director Nir Paniry to talk about their indie feature, Extracted, that’s been generating a lot of buzz on the film festival circuit.

Slice of SciFi #468: Casper Van Dien, plus Big Brother: Mars House


Welcome to the mid-week installment of Slice of SciFi! On today’s show, we ask whether or not you’d tune in for a reality show…from Mars. We’ve also got a great interview with actor Casper Van Dien. He was a guest at the recent Phoenix ComicCon and we got a great interview with him!

We’ll be back Friday with some listener feedback! See you then!

Slice of SciFi #352 Extra: “Another Earth”: The Extended Conversation

If you tuned into Show #352 for the conversation with Brit Marling and Mike Cahill, creators and star of Another Earth, you heard the first part of the chat.