Stanislaw Lem Remembered

Science Fiction writer Stanislaw Lem died today in Poland of natural causes at the age of 84. Most famous for his novel entitled “Solaris,” (it was made into a motion picture twice), Lem wrote “The Invincible,” “The Star Diaries,” “The Futurological Congress,” “The Master’s Voice” and “The Cyberiad,” just to name a few. Lem’s very […]

Richard Fleischer Remembered

Richard Fleischer, the director of some of the most memorable scifi/fantasy films of the 20th Century died on Saturday. He was 89. If you have seen any wartime film made after 1970 about the attack on Pearl Harbor, then it is almost guaranteed that footage from Fleischer’s classic “Tora, Tora, Tora” has been included in […]

Maureen Stapleton Remembered

One of the grand dame’s of show business has died today. Oscar winner Maureen Stapleton was the quintessential character actress and starred in everything from high drama to hiliarous comedy, scifi, fantasy, stage, screen and television. Her career spanned over a half a century. A heavy chain-smoker for years, she finally succumed to chronic pulmonary […]

Dana Reeve Remembered

Dana Reeve was a wonderful singer/actress in her own right, starring in such acclaimed TV hits as “Law & Order” and “Oz.” But what she will forever be remembered for was her love and devotion to her husband the legendary scifi icon Christopher Reeve (Superman). Chris was, and will always be Superman for two generations […]

Dennis Weaver Remembered

This has not been a good month for the entertainment industry or its fans. Dennis Weaver has died at the age of 81 after his losing his bout with cancer. We have lost four great stars in a matter of a week. Dennis will forever be remembered for two particular roles. The one, etched in […]

Octavia E. Butler Remembered

From her very first novel back in 1979 every one within the science fiction community knew Octavia E. Butler would be a creative force in the genre. “Kindred” was a powerful novel about a black woman who travels back in time to the racially disparent South to save the life of a white man. From […]

Darren McGavin Remembered

From 1955 to 1995 Darren McGavin was the busiest actor in Hollywood starring in hit after hit on television, in the movies and on the stage. He starred in several TV series such as “Mike Hammer,” “Crime Photographer,” “The Outsider,” “The Night Prowler,” and two sitcoms “Small & Frye” and the award winning “Murphy Brown” […]

Don Knotts Remembered

One of the real staples of entertainment has died at the age of 81. Don Knotts, forever to be remembered at the bumbling deputy Barney Fife to Andy Griffith’s calm and cool demeaner on the old Andy Griffith show died Friday night due to respiratory complications. Don Knotts was a legend with razor sharp wit […]

Andreas Katsulas Remembered

We have lost one of the giants of show business. On February 13th Andreas Katsulas died of lung cancer. Andreas was an actor of exceptional ability and killed the steroetype of science fiction stars. He held his Master’s Degree in Theater and knew more about the minutia of theatrical quality than almost anyone. Starting out […]

Phil Brown Remembered

Phil Brown may not be a household name but his most famous character certainly is. Brown played Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen who, with his wife, died at the hands of Darth Vader’s (his brother) Storm Troopers. Brown acted on both stage and screen for over 40 years, but he will long be remembered as the […]

Peter Benchley Remembered

The author of the best selling novel “JAWS”, Peter Benchley has died in his home yesterday of complications from pulmonary fibrosis. He was only 65. Benchley, famous for his deep water suspense novels also penned “The Deep” and “The Island,” both of which were made into major motion pictures, but neither caused the stir of […]

Al Lewis Remembered

Al Lewis had one of those voices and faces one can never forget. He was a staple in Hollywood and his career spanned 47 years. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Al. It was in 1959 on the old Phil Silvers Show. I was 10 years old and this strange looking man came […]

Shelly Winters Remembered

Shelly Winters, a Hollywood icon, died today of a heart attack at the age of 85. The daughter of an opera singer, Winters is probably most remembered for her role in the high seas drama, “The Poseidon Adventure” which also starred, Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Stella Stevens and Leslie Nielsen. What many did […]

Lou Rawls Remembered

Written by: Uncle Sam Many of you may be asking yourselves, “Why is Lou Rawls being paid a remembrance tribute on a site dedicated to SciFi/Fantasy and Horror. Lou, mostly known for that smooth, velvety jazz and blues style voice of his was no stranger to film and TV. He starred in over 32 feature […]

Vincent Schiavelli Remembered

Vincent Schiavelli, who appeared in more than 150 movies and countless TV shows is dead of lung cancer at the young age of 57. Schiavelli had that unique look and acting ability that made him one of the most sought after character actors in the business. Whatever TV show or movie role he was in, […]