Barnard Hughes Remembered

Theater and TV actor Barnard Hughes dies By: Michael Kuchwara, (AP Drama Writer) Barnard Hughes, who won a Tony for his portrayal of the curmudgeonly title character in Hugh Leonard’s “Da,” has died after a brief illness. He was 90. Hughes died Tuesday at New York Presbyterian Hospital, said Chris Boneau, a spokesman for Hughes’ […]

June Allyson Remembered

June Allyson, one of MGM’s brightest musical comedy stars of the 1940s and ’50s, known for her husky voice, pageboy haircut and girl-next-door effervescence, died Saturday at her home in Ojai. According to her daughter Pamela Allyson Powell, she died of pulmonary respiratory failure and acute bronchitis after a long illness. She was 88. Allyson […]

Jan Murray Remembered

Game Show host, comedian, and actor Jan Murray has died at the age of 89. Murray got his start on television in its early days hosting the 1950’s game show “Treasure Hunt,” and brought his unique style of comedic timing to the game show genre that has been copied down to this very day by […]

Jim Baen Remembered

Jim Baen called me on the afternoon of June 11. He generally phoned on weekends, and we’d usually talk a couple more times in the course of a week; but this was the last time. In the course of the conversation he said, “You’ve got to write my obituary, you know.” I laughed (I’ll get […]

Aaron Spelling Remembered

Aaron Spelling, entertainment icon and one of the main driving forces behind episodic television has died. He was 83. A born cowboy, Spelling, was reared in Dallas and served in the US Armed Forces during World War II. After the war he came to Hollywood hoping to make it as an actor but found his […]

Tim Hildebrant Remembered

Source: The Beat – Comiccon Fantasy artist Tim Hildebrandt, who along with his twin brother Greg was a huge force in fantasy art, has died at age 67. His family released an official statement today: Tim Hildebrandt has passed away. And, with him, so has an era. Tim, 67, died today from complications due to […]

Peter Bryant Remembered

Peter Bryant, former Doctor Who producer died on Friday at the age of 83. Peter was the main force behind the series during the time of Patrick Troughton’s stint as the Doctor in the late 1960’s. Bryant moved from in front of the camera to behind it after starring in several successful productions including the […]

Robert Sterling Remembered

Robert Sterling, the actor who played the wayward ghost George Kerby in the hit 1950’s TV show “Topper” has died. He was 88. Starring opposite his lovely wife Anne Jeffreys and friend Leo G. Carroll, Sterling was considered one of the early pioneers of television and already had a successful 15-year movie career before venturing […]

Val Guest Remembered

One of the early pioneers of science fiction movie making has died at the ripe old-age of 94. Val Guest, one of the famed director/writers of the original James Bond “Casino Royale” starring David Niven directed many comedies and musicals, but is best known for his dramatic cop and spy thrillers and especially for his […]

Frankie Thomas Remembered

Always to be remembered as one of the early pioneers of television, Frankie Thomas has died at the age of 85. Although the actor starred opposite Hollywood legends like Spencer Tracy, the veteran of the Broadway stage and the silver screen became a household name and world famous as the leading man in the 1950’s […]

Lisa A. Barnett Remembered

Fantasy writer Lisa A. Barnett, born 1958, died early yesterday morning at her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, from a brain tumor. She and her partner Melissa Scott published three fantasy novels together, The Armor of Light (1988), Point of Hopes (1995), and Point of Dreams (2001), the last of which won a Lambda Literary […]

Dan Curtis Remembered

TV producer Dan Curtis had a 5-decade career in television production and was involved in everything from drama to comedy, but his favorite was scarring people. He died late yesterday of a brain tumor, Dan was 78. His most ambitious gift to entertainment was the highly rated and critically acclaimed miniseries “The Winds of War” […]

Stanislaw Lem Remembered

Science Fiction writer Stanislaw Lem died today in Poland of natural causes at the age of 84. Most famous for his novel entitled “Solaris,” (it was made into a motion picture twice), Lem wrote “The Invincible,” “The Star Diaries,” “The Futurological Congress,” “The Master’s Voice” and “The Cyberiad,” just to name a few. Lem’s very […]

Richard Fleischer Remembered

Richard Fleischer, the director of some of the most memorable scifi/fantasy films of the 20th Century died on Saturday. He was 89. If you have seen any wartime film made after 1970 about the attack on Pearl Harbor, then it is almost guaranteed that footage from Fleischer’s classic “Tora, Tora, Tora” has been included in […]

Maureen Stapleton Remembered

One of the grand dame’s of show business has died today. Oscar winner Maureen Stapleton was the quintessential character actress and starred in everything from high drama to hiliarous comedy, scifi, fantasy, stage, screen and television. Her career spanned over a half a century. A heavy chain-smoker for years, she finally succumed to chronic pulmonary […]