Richard Kiel Remembered

richard kiel

A giant of show business has left us.

The Robin Williams I Remember

Robin Williams

What can one say about Robin Williams? He was a man that almost everyone throughout the world loved, admired, appreciated and respected for his talent, his charm, wit, charisma and willingness to show the world the scars along with the beauty that was his life.

Dave Legeno Remembered

dave legeno

Legeno is probably best known for portraying Fenrir Greyback for the Harry Potter films

Eli Wallach Remembered


Eli Wallach, one of the respected masters of entertainment has died at the grand age of 98.

H.R. Giger Remembered


H.R. Giger, renowned painter and artist famous for some of the most bizarre and frightening depictions on canvas, has died in Switzerland.

Mickey Rooney – A Legend Is Remembered


Mickey Rooney, a true American heavyweight is dead at age 93.

James Rebhorn Remembered


One of Hollywood’s most prolific actors has died today. James Rebhorn passed away in his home at the age of 65.

Harold Ramis Remembered


Harold Ramis the creative genius behind such landmark films as the “Ghostbuster” franchise, “Stripes,” “Groundhog Day” and “Analyze This” passed away in his Chicago home.

Maximilian Schell Remembered

maximilian-schell (1)

Austrian born actor Maximilian Schell has died in an Innsbruck hospital after a sudden illness. He was 83.

Joe Longo Remembered


Joe Longo, the versatile and highly sought after prop master for much of the entire Star Trek franchise has passed away.

Russell Johnson Remembered


Russell Johnson, beloved and remembered by millions of fans as “The Professor” has died.

Peter O’Toole Remembered


One of the greatest actors of two centuries has passed away. Peter O’Toole, part genius and part eccentric thespian did what only a handful of people have been able to do, create for himself a life full of joy, madness, controversy, confusion while always bringing nothing but great pleasure to all those who watched him on the big and small screen throughout the world. If you look up charisma in the dictionary Peter O’Toole’s picture should be what you find.

Remembering Marcia Wallace

Marcia Wallace

Marcia Wallace, the woman who lent her voice to Bart Simpson’s teacher on the long-running animated series The Simpsons, has passed away.  She was 70.

Wallace had a long and distinguished career in show business.  She is best known for her work on The Bob Newhart Show and The Simpsons.

Remembering Hiroshi Yamauchi


Visionary video-game businessman Hiroshi Yamauchi has passed away at the age of 85.

Remembering Julie Harris


One of the finest actresses in the history of stage and screen has died. Julie Harris passed away this week, she was 87 years old.