Thrones Renewed

Two point two million viewers tuned in Sunday evening for the first episode of Game of Thrones on HBO. That was good enough for the cable outlet to give the green light to a second season of the show, reports the Hollywood Reporter. “We are delighted by the way David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have […]

A Game of Thrones: “Winter Is Coming” Review


Before the Lord of the Rings hit theaters a few years ago, I attempted to wade through the trilogy again by signing up for an on-line book club with Barnes and Nobel. In the forum, I recall a discussion about what was being kept for the movies and what wasn’t. One fan posted they already hated the films and were going to weep during their entire viewing of Fellowship of the Ring because Peter Jackson and company had decided the subplot with Tom Bombadil would be cut.

Bean Talks A Game of Thrones Role

Actor Sean Bean says that one of the things that he likes about his role of Ned Stark in the upcoming HBO series A Game of Thrones is that Ned is a “good man.” “I think he’s a good man first and foremost,” Bean told TV Choice Magazine.  “His loyalty and honesty to the King […]

A Game of Thrones — A Slice of SciFi Review


Reviewed by: Michael Hickerson (Slice of SciFi Editor)

A Game of Thrones
Airdates: Sundays starting April 17 at 9 p.m. on HBO

Slice of SciFi Rating: 5.0 out 5.0

Years ago, HBO showed that cable could do just as well, if not better, than the networks in providing audiences with solid, award-winning, critically-acclaimed dramatic programming with its first hit series The Sopranos.