Fringe Finale Geeking


SPOILER ALERT! If you managed to miss the final episode of Fringe, or your recorded it but didn’t watch yet because you have a life and went out Friday night… whatever. Did JJ Abrams knock it out of the park, or leave you wanting waaaaay more answers? Find out what the Slice cast thinks and let us know what you think!   [Listen to the show…]

Slice of SciFi 2012 Special #2: Talking Walking Dead and Fringe

Join Mike, Brian, Sam, Ben, Noah and Meghan for another Slice of SciFi All-Star Geek-Out! Diving deeper into topics brought up during Slice of SciFi 516, the crew discusses the good, the bad and the intensity of Walking Dead Season 3, how the Once Upon A Time Ladies are Kicking Ass For Themselves, and the ZOMFG factor of the final season of Fringe, trying really hard not to start a Fringe Podcast right there on the spot.

Call the Feedback Number 206-339-TREK (8735)   [Listen to the show…]

Slice of SciFi 527: Interview with Seth Gabel (“Fringe”, “Arrow”)


It’s the Holiday Season at Slice of SciFi, so why not download our app and give us the gift that keeps on giving — Your Questions and Comments!

Batman asks Kevin Smith for advice and gets bitch-slapped, global gaming gab, Dexter is getting caught, MultiVerse News, an Interview with Seth Gabel of Fringe and Arrow, Angry Birds: The Movie ends in tears, Happy Holidays!   [Listen to the show…]