What Will #12 Be Like?


Many have been wondering what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who will be like.

Gaiman Reveals “Doctor Who” Casting Details


Still annoyed that the new Doctor isn’t a woman? Or that the new Doctor is a white male?

Moffat Didn’t Think Time Was Right For Female Doctor

The idea that the next Doctor could be female isn’t a new one.  Tom Baker suggested it on his way out the door in 1981 and it’s cropped up every time the role becomes available since that time.

And the Doctor Is….


Live on world-wide television today, the BBC revealed the identity of the new Doctor.

New Doctor To Be Revealed Sunday


After months of speculation, the question of who will be the next Doctor will be revealed Sunday.

Lost “Doctor Who” Episode Rumors Get More Interesting


While we’ve heard nothing definitive about whether or not a large cache of lost Doctor Who episodes have been found, the rumors surrounding the story continue to swirl and get more interesting.

“Doctor Who: The Complete Series 7″ Release Announced


BBC Home Entertainment will release Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series on DVD and Blu-Ray, September 24.

“Doctor Who” Anniversary Special Will Air Simultaneously Worldwide


To avoid SPOILERS and leaks of plot details, the fiftieth anniversary episode of Doctor Who will air simultaneously across the world.

Why Are British “Doctor Who” Fans Angry?


British Doctor Who fans are not pleased that a trailer for the upcoming fiftieth anniversary special was screened last weekend at Comic Con.

Heathrow Travelers Treated to Doctor Who Experiences

TARDIS at Heathrow

As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC Worldwide has teamed up Heathrow to treat traveling passengers to various performances and themed experiences.

“Heathrow with time travel – nobody need ever be late again.”

Dalek Day – 2013


Dalek Day is Coming

Matt Smith Sends Out Thank You Video To Fans


In a final personal address to fellow crew and cast mates, past and present, Smith bids a glorious thank you video to all Doctor Who fans.

Lost “Doctor Who” Episode Rumors Take An Interesting Turn


Yesterday, we brought you news that the rumor that a cache of lost Doctor Who episodes had been recovered was most likely a hoax.

Lost “Doctor Who” Episodes Rumor Likely A Hoax


Last week, Doctor Who fans were buzzing with rumors that a cache of lost classic episodes had been recovered.

BBC Responds to “Doctor Who” Rumors


Matt Smith’s departure has set off waves of speculation about who the new Doctor will be and when the actor will be announced.