Doctor Who Midnight Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF assistant editor) On a recent podcast commentary for “Silence in the Library,” director Eros Lynn asked producer Phil Collinson an interesting question–“What do you see as the difference between the writing style of Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat?”  If you’ve heard the podcast in question, you know that Collinson […]

Doctor Who title released

After months of secrecy surrounding the title and details for the penultimate episode of Doctor Who’s fourth series, the BBC released the title and information about the story. The title and the information could be considered SPOILER material… And the title is… The Stolen Earth Earth’s greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, […]

Dr Who Forest of the Dead Review


Fairly or not, there were huge expectations heaped on this year’s Stephen Moffatt two-part story. As the season began, we wondered if Moffatt could somehow top last year’s superlative “Blink.” Then came the news that Moffatt was taking over as show-runner in 2010 and suddenly the pressure on “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of […]

Doctor Who Silence in the Library Review


The hardest reviews to write are those for something you love. And I will make no bones about it, I loved everything about Stephen Moffatt’s latest instant classic “Silence in the Library.” If there was one story I was looking forward to this season, it was this one. Moffatt has shown that he has his […]

Dr. Who The Doctor’s Daughter Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF assistant editor) Based on the title and the preview, I went into “The Doctor’s Daughter” expecting to not be pleased.  In fact, you could go so far as to say I hated the entire concept and idea before the first moment of the show flashed up on my screen. So, […]

Doctor Who — Theories, Facts, Speculations


Written by: Michael Martinez-Mann (SoSF Guest Contributor) As we head into the mid-season for of series four of Doctor Who with the rumor that this, coupled with the three specials next year, will be the last outing for showrunner Russell T. Davies, we have been left to speculate what old Russell has been ramping up […]

Dr Who The Sontaran Stratagem Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF assistant editor) One of the assets of the Sontarans as a returning monster/villian for Doctor Who is that while they are easily identified with the classic run of the show, they’re not a “staple” of the original series in the same way the Daleks or Cybermen were. I say this […]

Dr Who Planet of the Ood Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Assistant Editor) When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for Doctor Who SPOILERs. Of course, in my younger days, in the dark time before the world-wide web, the only real source of SPOILER information I had came from Doctor Who Magazine. And while it was a good source for tidbits […]

Huff & Cox Up For Constellation Awards


Actress Christina Cox from ‘Blood Ties’ and the author Tanya Huff of the books that the popular series is based on have been recently nominated for Constellation Awards. The Constellation Awards are Canada’s Fan Awards for Excellence in Science Fiction Television and Film. “Doctor Who” leads list of nominees for second straight year. All Canadian […]

Dr Who: Fires of Pompeii Review


After a stretch of three episodes that were hit or miss, I have to admit I was staring to lose a bit of faith in Doctor Who. Thankfully, this week’s story “The Fires of Pompeii” while not an instant classic along the lines of last year’s “Blink” or “Human Nature/The Family of Blood” was still […]

More classic Dr Who headed stateside


American fans hungry for more Doctor Who will get two new releases and an anniversary edition release in early August reports TV Shows on DVD. On August 5, BBC Video will release the William Hartnell four part story, “The Time Meddler”, Peter Davison’s two-part story “Black Orchid” and a 25th anniversary upgrade edition of the […]

The Doctor to face an old foe at Christmas?

While series four of Doctor Who has just begun airing in the UK (and begins airing stateside this Friday), reports and speculation about the upcoming holiday speical are beginning to spring up on-line.  But instead of the usual “Is Tennant leaving” rumors, this time the stories concern a returning adversary that could reappear in this […]