Comic mini-series highlights “lost” Doctor Who adventures


Doctor Who hit American comic-book shelves earlier this year with a five-issue mini-series from IDW.  Critical reviews and sales were enough that IDW has commissioned a new mini-series featuring the Doctor that will begin publication in August, according to Comic Book Resources. The twist is that this time the series won’t just focus on adventures […]

Dalek Voice Changer Helmet


The Dalek Voice Changer Helmet is a tiered, circumferential cranial housing, joined with a glowing blue eye stalk. By donning the Dalek Helmet, you gain the ability to speak in the Dalek’s bloodless tone, play back pre-record Dalek phrases, or activate the Exterminator sound. Should the Daleks ever stage a full scale invasion, battering past […]

Dr Who fans upset over on-screen phone number

Warning: This story contains minor SPOILERS for Doctor Who’s “The Stolen Earth.”  In the old days, every television shows giving out a number used the standard number starting with “555.”  Over the past several years, phone numbers included in television series have become more and more of an Easter egg for fans, willing to freeze-frame […]

Doctor Who Journey’s End Review


With “Journey’s End” Russell T. Davies attempts to bring a sense of closure to his tenure as the producer for Doctor Who.  I’ll give him credit for what he tried to do here, even if I found the episode’s execution a bit lacking.  It was an episode that was neither as brilliant as it wanted […]

Season finale of Doctor Who will run long

While not the longest Doctor Who episode of the modern era (that honor goes to this year’s Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned”), the fourth series finale of Doctor Who will run close to twice the usual length of a standard episode.  Reports have the final series finale under producer Russell T. Davies watch clocking […]

Doctor Who The Stolen Earth Review


And so, here it is.  The episode whose title was kept under wraps for months because it was considered to be “too SPOILER filled.”  The episode that brought back the Daleks, yet again.  The episode that brought back an old enemy.  The episode that would bring together all of the Doctor’s companions (well, at least […]

BBC previews Stolen Earth

The BBC has released three previews for this week’s upcoming season finale of Doctor Who “Stolen Earth” Two trailers and a one-minute preview clip from the story are included behind the jump. They are heavily SPOILER filled….

Dr Who Turn Left Review


Last week we got the Donna-lite episode of series four, so this week it’s time for the Doctor-lite installment of the season. While having the Doctor in a reduced role is certainly nothing new if you’ve watched any of the stories from the early days of the show, watching  the new series work with have […]

Doctor Who Midnight Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF assistant editor) On a recent podcast commentary for “Silence in the Library,” director Eros Lynn asked producer Phil Collinson an interesting question–“What do you see as the difference between the writing style of Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat?”  If you’ve heard the podcast in question, you know that Collinson […]

Doctor Who title released

After months of secrecy surrounding the title and details for the penultimate episode of Doctor Who’s fourth series, the BBC released the title and information about the story. The title and the information could be considered SPOILER material… And the title is… The Stolen Earth Earth’s greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, […]

Dr Who Forest of the Dead Review


Fairly or not, there were huge expectations heaped on this year’s Stephen Moffatt two-part story. As the season began, we wondered if Moffatt could somehow top last year’s superlative “Blink.” Then came the news that Moffatt was taking over as show-runner in 2010 and suddenly the pressure on “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of […]

Doctor Who Silence in the Library Review


The hardest reviews to write are those for something you love. And I will make no bones about it, I loved everything about Stephen Moffatt’s latest instant classic “Silence in the Library.” If there was one story I was looking forward to this season, it was this one. Moffatt has shown that he has his […]

Gaiman Open to Writing for Doctor Who

When news of the first series of the revived Doctor Who hit the Internet, it seemed that everyone and his uncle and aunt was being approached to write an episode for the new series. The rumors ran rampant from any number of writers for the on-going novel series to best-selling author J.K. Rowling. One of […]