Dr Who Planet of the Ood Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Assistant Editor) When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for Doctor Who SPOILERs. Of course, in my younger days, in the dark time before the world-wide web, the only real source of SPOILER information I had came from Doctor Who Magazine. And while it was a good source for tidbits […]

Huff & Cox Up For Constellation Awards


Actress Christina Cox from ‘Blood Ties’ and the author Tanya Huff of the books that the popular series is based on have been recently nominated for Constellation Awards. The Constellation Awards are Canada’s Fan Awards for Excellence in Science Fiction Television and Film. “Doctor Who” leads list of nominees for second straight year. All Canadian […]

Dr Who: Fires of Pompeii Review


After a stretch of three episodes that were hit or miss, I have to admit I was staring to lose a bit of faith in Doctor Who. Thankfully, this week’s story “The Fires of Pompeii” while not an instant classic along the lines of last year’s “Blink” or “Human Nature/The Family of Blood” was still […]

More classic Dr Who headed stateside


American fans hungry for more Doctor Who will get two new releases and an anniversary edition release in early August reports TV Shows on DVD. On August 5, BBC Video will release the William Hartnell four part story, “The Time Meddler”, Peter Davison’s two-part story “Black Orchid” and a 25th anniversary upgrade edition of the […]

The Doctor to face an old foe at Christmas?

While series four of Doctor Who has just begun airing in the UK (and begins airing stateside this Friday), reports and speculation about the upcoming holiday speical are beginning to spring up on-line.  But instead of the usual “Is Tennant leaving” rumors, this time the stories concern a returning adversary that could reappear in this […]

Fans help re-create lost Doctor Who stories

For years, the original six seasons of Doctor have been incomplete, the result of a BBC archives purge in the early 70s. At the time, the BBC felt the value of repeating episodes from Doctor Who and other classic series was past and destroyed the episodes to free up storage space. A few complete stories […]

Dr Who: Partners in Crime Review

Doctor Who - Partners in Crime

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF assistant editor) I have to admit that as series four of the new Doctor Who approached, I was having a hard time mustering up the same level of enthusiasm I had four years ago when we got “Rose” or two years ago for “New Earth” or even last year with […]

Doctor Who Updates


Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Assistant Editor) “Doctor Who” launches fourth season‏ With the fourth series of “Doctor Who” premiering this weekend, the BBC held its annual launch of the series to promote and celebrate the upcoming season earlier this week. In attendance were series stars David Tennant, Catherine Tate and producer/head writer Russell T. […]

Doctor Who Series 4 Premieres April 5

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Staff Journalist) The universe’s most popular Time Lord returns to television screens in the U.K. April 5th. The BBC today officially confirmed that the fourth series of “Doctor Who” will premiere the first Saturday in April. No official time has been given yet, but speculation is that the series will […]

Carlyle Responds To Doctor Who Rumor

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Staff Journalist) British actor Robert Carlyle says that while he’d be open to the role as the Doctor, no one from the BBC has contacted him about taking the role. Carlyle officially denied the rumored reports. Just as we have had some misgivings about our reporting on these unsubstantiated rumors, […]

Doctor Who & Captain Jack Rumors

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Staff Journalist) Are major changes in store for “Doctor Who” and its spin-off series “Torchwood”? If rumors are correct, both shows could see a major face-lift in their next several seasons. Rumors persist that David Tennant will step aside from the role as the 10th Doctor as early as next […]

Doctor Who DVD Update

As the TARDIS gets ready to materialize on a new season of “Doctor Who,” those fans who want to discover more from the series’ classic days can do so with a wealth of stories coming to DVD this year. The Doctor Who Restoration Team and 2 Entertain! have officially announced that “The Time Meddler” starring […]

Doctor Who News On Our Next Show

We will be having some great news about the fourth season of Doctor Who on our next show this Saturday (Feb. 9). Also in store is information about the new program showcasing a veteran Who actress — The Sarah Jane Adventures. Be sure to tune in.

Gingerbread TARDIS

A whole lot of work went into this. Seems almost a shame to have eaten it. But I bet it was good! Find out more HERE and HERE. Special thanks goes out to Darcy Low for making us aware of this cool goodie.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Breaks Viewing Records

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Staff Journalist) The good Doctor was back on TV screens in the U.K. earlier this week for the 3rd annual “Doctor Who” Christmas special. This year’s offering was “Voyage of the Damned” written by series producer and show-runner Russell T. Davies and set on-board a starship named Titanic. The special […]