Big Bang Theory Exclusive


The Big Bang Theory‘s Mrs Koothrappali, Alice Amter talks with Slice of SciFi TV‘s Zoe Hewitt on the Red Carpet, Big Bang for Clone Wars too, Good News for our favorite BBC’s shows, Christopher Nolan goes inner-Seller, RoboCop is already a Classic, True Blood Wiccan LuEllen, played by Stephanie Erb gives Slice an Exclusive explanation why she’s Not Mrs. Nimoy!, Trivia: Irish Actors, Con Report from Geek Nation Tours, Hulk hides his Best Face, and we’ve got the last word on Veronica Mars.

Who Will Find Love Next On “Big Bang Theory”?


Leonard has a girlfriend, Sheldon is in a relationship and Howard’s married.  Could Raj be the next character to find love on the Big Bang Theory?

“Big Bang Theory” Promotes Cast Member


Get ready to see more of comic book store owner Stuart on The Big Bang Theory.

“Big Bang Theory” Huge In Syndication


Not only is the Big Bang Theory a huge hit first-run on CBS, syndicated repeats are also delivering a huge audience as well.

Hawking To Guest on “Bang”


Add another high profile guest star with a Trek connection to the Big Bang Theory.

Nimoy Comes Out of Retirement With “Bang”


Leonard Nimoy has retired from acting, but that’s not stopping him from making an appearance on one of TV’s highest rated shows.

“Theory” Bangs “Idol”


It’s geeks vs singers…and the geeks are winning. For the second week in a row, The Big Bang Theory delivered a larger audience in total viewers and 18-49 demos than American Idol did. When the pair clashed between 8pm and 8.30pm, Big Bang Theory had 16m (5.4) for CBS, ahead of American Idol‘s 15.5m (4.8). And while it means […]

Helbert Talks About Tonight’s Big Bang Theory

Actor Simon Helberg says that when he began playing Howard four years ago, he didn’t expect that his character would be the one to end up in the most stable, mature romantic relationship on The Big Bang Theory.

“Big Bang” Stars Hint at Future Developments

If you’ve been watching “The Big Bang Theory” this season, you may have noticed that Penny could be re-evaluating her break-up with Leonard. And that it appears a reunion could be on the horizon.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a bump or two along the way.

“Big Bang Theory” Renewed For Three More Years

If you love Sheldon, Leonard and Penny, we’ve got good news. They’ll be around for at least three more years.

CBS has signed off on a three-year extension for the hit series. The new deal will see the show run until at least the 2013-14 television season, reports EW.

Wheaton Returns to “Big Bang” Tonight

Get ready! Evil Wil Wheaton is back on tonight’s all new “Big Bang Theory.”

Wheaton returns for his third appearance as the evil version of himself in the episode called “The 21-Second Excitation” that centers around the gang attending a screening of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark” with some new footage inserted.

Cuoco’s Injury To Be Hidden on “Big Bang”

As actress Kaley Cuoco returns to work on “The Big Bang Theory,” she says her injury won’t be worked into the stories but will be hidden.

Cuoco Returns to “Big Bang Theory”

After two weeks recovering from a broken leg, actress Kaley Cuoco will return to the set of “The Big Bang Theory” this week.

Cuoco broke her leg after she fell off a horse and was forced to miss the filming of two episodes of the hit series while she recovered.

Dushku to Guest on “Big Bang”

Actress Eliza Dushku has signed to guest star on the current season of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Cuoco Injured Falling Off Horse


Actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on “The Big Bang Theory,” broke her leg last weekend when she fell off a horse. Cuoco is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital, according to TMZ.