Slice of SciFi 525: Mayan Racism

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Surviving the Mayan Racism, and the Best of the Best for 2012 including, The River, Spartacus, Awake and more

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Slice of SciFi 522: JLA vs Avengers vs X-Men

Can the Slice App cause Seasonal Apocalypses, and be used for relaying messages between listeners? Who’s rebooting Airwolf? Justice League movie plot choice issues;  Star Trek Into Darkness trailers are lensflarearrific; Sweetleaf is still a captive; American Horror Story rocks Australia too; more Justice League movie speculations lead to X-Men & Avengers arguments; Young Doctor Who feedback; Superman movie expectations; the scotch of choice for Slice of SciFi; which Fringe universe would you rather live in? Mike Fox’d everyone for the end of 2012

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Slice of SciFi 519: Klingon Xmas

BBC News reports on Kate Mulgrew, The Batmobile is up for sale, genre bending show titles, Klingon Xmas, LucasFilm and Disney, Bad video games, Sweetleaf, Seattle’s Marijuana Law, Gold Tipped phallic thing, Geek Moment in Tokyo, Star Wars TV on HBO, Doctor Who catch up, The Revolution debate, Gnaked Gnomes, Shrek ear wax on Ice, 12-12-12 a date to remember!

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Slice of SciFi 516: Skyfall Fallout

90’s Nostalgia, Actors we Hate, Revolution we Hate, Visuals we Hate, Disney and Fox have a Destiny, SciFi Book Lovers, SweetLeaf Love Potions, World War Z is Unworthy, American Horror Hot Mess, Walking Dead Love, Fringe Fandom, Fast Forward thru Soap Operas, Geek Moment of the Week: Hawaii Five O, Captain Kirk Pez Dispenser, Hot Web Series, Skyfall Fallout, and a 350 Christmas Trees flash-mob.

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Slice of SciFi 513: Submarine Races

The Listener Feed Back Show ~ we hear what YOU have to say!

Gnome Porn, Go Navy-Go Girls, Misfits in the UK again, Star Wars in Disneyland, more Girls go to the Submarine Races, Halo 4 on YouTube, Star Wars improvement plan, Sweetleaf, Fourth Edition vs Pathfinder, Arrow Voice Over you have to See!, UK Fringe feedback, video hat wars, Save the Enterprise, Sonny Bono helps Disney, Steampunk Star Trek and Borg Porn.

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Slice of SciFi 510: Halloween Nerdgasm

Slice 510

Video Con Report is just cute, Hurricane Sandy tribute, Eddie Izzard love on Munster flop, Sci-fi Sushi, WTF Disney-Lucas?, Sweetleaf, Trekkie video voicemail, Making Alternate Universes, Halt for Fringe Spoilers, Halloween Nerdgasm, Fan Psychology, Smart Characters, Does this make me Look Geeky?, and get a Pacific Rim Job

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Slice of SciFi 507: Arrow Misses Target?


The Listener Feed Back Show ~ we hear what YOU have to say!

Sam’s a #hole, Pet Rocks still rock, Headlines only Dogs can Hear, DragonCon influences Generations, Spoiler Alert for what?, Mike has a Dial Up Hangover, Godzilla remake via iPhone, Revolution revolves slowly, Sweetleaf, Slice has adoring Video Fans, Star Wars wedding music, real Cat Google Maps privacy issues, Arrow Misses the Target, and some New SciFi show reviews.

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Slice of SciFi 504: Man Yogurt

Slice 504

The Listener Feed Back Show ~ we hear what YOU have to say!

Summer is Back! Old School Politcs, Green Lantern is Generic, Man Yogurt is foul, Warehouse 13 is a month late, Grimm is not Angel, Sweetleaf, Crazy Uncle Allan, Slice Studio Reboot, the Early Days of Slice, Geek Moment of the Week: Sky Watch, Big BS shows off, More 500th Episode Love, Beauty and the Beast, Sam loves CW, Thomas Jane and Raw Studios “Dirty Laundry” rocks!, and a Lemony Snickets revival.

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Slice of SciFi 501: Eating Yoda’s Head


Slice of SciFi is back! Mike can now last for ten minutes, Red Shirt love, Hard Core Sci-Fi, Don’t get covered in Wasabi, SweetLeaf, Eating Yoda’s Head, UK vs US TV Programming, There’s always a new CSI, Science Channel reality, Uncle Alan, Slice’s Spoiler Show, Wife-husbands, and Screwing Sanctuary.

Slice of SciFi #499: Neil Armstrong Tribute

Slice 499

The Listener Feed Back Show ~ we hear what YOU have to say!

Feedback from all over: NASA hipsters, a Neil Armstrong tribute, Necropower is on the way, Gumdrop ain’t available but his nipples are, watch out for the jackwagons, Flight Test Land: sounds like tweety bird testing, Mike’s attraction to snow, we’re getting sued for our wall paper, and copyright infringement, Meghan’s smackdown, Babylon Podcast love, Geek Moment of the Week: Volcano Spew, what came out of Snooki’s cookie? BSG: New Jersey with 007, Star Wars pancakes, H+ first impressions, oops… you just outed yourself, Booster Gold rally cry, Wreck Beach is the 2nd best nude beach in North America!

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Slice of SciFi #496: Space Probe Olympics!

Slice 496

A new Listener Feedback intro song, Space Landing Olympics, Booster Gold returns – but Brian don’t care, Geek Moment: Storm Trooper Pancakes, Horror Whores, Border Patrol Etiquette, Stinky Cheese in the Live Feed, Plot-onium causes brain virus, The Faces of Slice, Movies of Fall, Watchmen-BSG?, Mohawk Rocket Scientist, Slice of Scifi home makeover, geeks rule

Slice of SciFi #493: Way Too Naughty

Slice 493

Nazi Sharks, Shoe du jour, Dave Dorman pays tribute to Joe Kubert, Starbuck’s transitions, Don’t Put It in Your Mouth is too Naughty for Slice, Sweetleaf, video feedback ramps up, H+ neglected, collect Space Junk as a way of life, International Space Station workout videos, we need a Cushion Fluffer, WWE Soap Opera, Geek Moment: World of Warcraft Wedding, Asteroids video game for the new millennium, Curiosity rules Twitter, Gumdrop in the coin slot, we found one Drive-in Theater still showing Sc-Fi movies, Fast Forward Faux Pas.