Board Games Bingo


StarTrekMom goes board games when the power’s out, breakdown of Slice of SciFi Game Day, YOU pick the next game we play!, can someone else besides Batman be animated for TV? comic book movie science still confuses us all, one more vote for Lenny Kravitz, Lejon also recalls other MP3 players from the past, more wrasslin feedback, Netflix’s Hemlock Grove starts Apr 19, Laith weighs in on remakes, Gazerbeam wants more love for video game soundtracks   [Listen to the show…]

Win a Trek Costume!


International TableTop Day is around the corner and YOU can be there, You say Batman – I say Bateman let’s call the whole thing off, Multiverse love, Fandom just happens, Androids will take over the world, Deep Space Nine coulda used some Narn Breen, Car-aoke singing, Bates Motel brief review reveals anachronism, What do you know about Pond Scum? Sweatleaf returns, Paramount is ready to give away a StarTrek Costume –just go to for more information, Day the Earth Stood Still has some classical music, Good Villains are great, Remakes and Reboots can they be Classics? You tell us…   [Listen to the show…]

Superman Spun the Earth?


John Scalzi has one more fan, Lords of Light on Syfy and shows they actually should do, Great Theaters, ManYogurt, StarCrafter, the World Ends with Brains!, Animated Doctor Who, Frank Beddor has one more fan of Scotch, Geek Moment, Superman spins the Earth or does he? Tina Turner or Duran Duran had the best Bond song, Space 1999 predicted iPhone video, Comet viewings, OZ review, and only in the UK could we find Geek Cabaret directed by John Waters   [Listen to the show…]

Elle Macpherson’s Artifacts

Elle Macpherson

Star Wars and JJ Abrams will be a flare-fest, Babylon 5 Spoo-Fest, Sam’s newest fan club member, We’re all like that… but everyone loves Dana Delany, James Bond gives you the gold Finger, A Really Bad Movie, Slice App Bugger-boo, Elle Macpherson’s artifacts, Robot Combat League Love, Sci-Fi got it wrong again!, Star Trek has ruined our Childhood, Mutton Mania, Slice App has a Romper Room feature, The Super Massive Black Hole, Flight Test Land, Felicia Day of Geek and Sundry pimps International TableTop Day, More UK Geekdom from Essex, another awesome Beer Hat or is it a Superman Hat with an atomic clock, and Meteorite Men’s Geoff Notkin says you should #Meteorite now!   [Listen to the show…]

Tim’s Scifi Disco


Lost Girl: OMG with the best Mouth, And there’s ah, ah Soundtrack Theme Wedding Songs again, A Slice UK News Update from Essex leads to a debate about James Bond Songs, There’s only One Kirk at the Oscars, Nuclear Fridge is like a Lead Balloon, Mark Hildreth Interview love, Geek Moment of the Week: Geek Food, Lens Flare debacle dropped at last? Body of Shame-full, Tim Adamec delivers a mega-hot disco tune!   [Listen to the show…]

Denny’s Hobbit Menu


Porn Parody Persists, Slice App gets a Full Beard Seal of Approval, Warm Bodies feedback, Slice App causes Stage Fright, The Un-Asked Star Wars Question, The Best Sci-Fi Wedding Music, Geek Parenting, The Hobbit Menu at Denny’s, Live Action versus Anime, Doctor Who BBC America Angst, Dial M for Murder in 3D, John Dies at the End, Sweetleaf, WalMart’s gaming department, William Shatner wants you to vote for Pluto Rocks   [Listen to the show…]

FRINGE Needs an Emmy!

Feedback from #514, poison PSA gets accolade, Warm Bodies review, Red Shirts stick together, Slice of SciFi App for Android update, Golden Gate Bridge is a sci-fi icon, Cast favorites for 2013, Robotech Rights Riot, Superman Lives Blame Game, The race to be better than last time, Con Report: Cincinnati HorrorCon, Lens Flare Love, and Fringe needs an Emmy!   [Listen to the show…]

Star Trek Theme Music

The first Merkin of 2013, is ‘Military Genius” an Oxymoron? Red Dwarf season 10 is better than classic, Star Wars debate continues, Avengers made silly money One Mouth at a time, Geek Moment of the Week, with Comic Books size matters, Pimp your Pacific Rim Job URLS, NatGeo enables Wolverine puppy, Essex UK says hello to Slice with a delicious accent, Ripper Street is awesome, Sweetleaf, New Slice of SciFi Forums, What’s your favorite Star Trek theme music?   [Listen to the show…]

Law & Order: Coruscant

We laugh in the face of Technical Difficulties! And you can use the Slice of SciFi App to send us audio feedback AND emails, too!

Do our dream Book to Movie projects really need salary caps? Star Wars TV still needs higher level tech to work, blending real world views with scifi perspectives, Sweetleaf Legends, more Fringe deep geeking, reimagining Airwolf with all-female leads, all ads are risky so does an exploding rocket really matter? Comets are like Cats, why can’t we have a new series called Law & Order: Coruscant; Lovecraftian movies don’t all suck; Mike gets an offer for moonshine, gnomes with thongs and glitter?   [Listen to the show…]

HP Lovecraft’s Mountain of Poo

We Hate the Chicken Dance, Casting choices for books, Wearing Superman Undies on the Outside, Lasik Star Wars, Sci-Fi Spatula, Web Genii’s Must Read SF Books, Make your own Slice App video, The Avengers still best for last year, H.P. Lovecraft’s Mountain of Poo, A Kinder and Gentler 2013 for Arrow, Nikita love, Carrie is Scarey, Native American like Johnny Depp, and Gno Gnomes Gnow!   [Listen to the show…]

Star Trek Undies

Excellence Use of Florence and the Machine music in a movie, The Hobbit Chain Saw Massacres, Git Yur Star Trek Undies, Lost Girl, Continuum, An Awesome Suit of Armor, Stand-in Actors for porn films, Australia’s Slice of SciFi Office, Book Store Numerical Nonsense, Cthulhu Love, Great Films that Flop, what happens when kids get their hands on the Slice of SciFi App? Altered Carbon fits the Big Screen, and the Web Genii makes the Rules for your movie ideas.   [Listen to the show…]

The Bird Nird

Living in a Post-Mayan alternate universe, Cthulhu says we got it wrong, Cirque du Cant Sleep, Watching Porn While Driving, Book Stores Stink, Tim Adamec Sings, Nashville does Xmas Trees, Cold Days, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Lost Girls and Game of Thrones work in Canada, Kid-Friendly Sci-Fi, and diplomatic Syfy Love   [Listen to the show…]