2014 Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival: An Interview with Andrea Beesley

IHSFF 2014

Slice of SciFi executive producer Summer Brooks chats with Andrea Beesley, director of the International Horror & SciFi Film Festival and maestro of the themed monthly film series at The Film Bar.

We also talk a little about the Film Bar series, currently celebrating “Alien April”, featuring screenings of E.T., The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, and Spaceballs each weekend this month.

Big Ass Spider! An Interview with Mike Mendez

Big Ass Spider!

Slice of SciFi Executive Producer, Summer Brooks sits down with Mike Mendez, Director of “Big Ass Spider!” ~ now available on Blu-ray DVD. Discover just how big of a Horror-geek Mike is, and what critical aspects make for a great horror film.

Bob Layton: Definitive Iron Man Artist

Bob Layton: Iron Man artist

Another Slice of SciFi Exclusive Interview with Bob Layton, Legendary Comic Book Artist with a remarkable history and life experiences that include Iron Man, X-Men, The Champions and many more for DC Comics, Marvel and Valiant.

Elon Musk Talks Hyperloop

Hyperloop Conf Call

An Exclusive Slice episode of a Conversation with Elon Musk. The Slice News Team was granted access to this intimate conference call with the man behind PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. His visionary focus has turned toward the Hyperloop, an uber-high speed transportation system that will get you from LA to San Francisco in minutes.

Multiverse News: The Neutron Saga Epic Conclusion


By learning what the future holds, would you make the same decisions?

Fringe Finale Geeking


SPOILER ALERT! If you managed to miss the final episode of Fringe, or your recorded it but didn’t watch yet because you have a life and went out Friday night… whatever. Did JJ Abrams knock it out of the park, or leave you wanting waaaaay more answers? Find out what the Slice cast thinks and let us know what you think!

Slice of SciFi 2012 Special #4: Movies of 2012

Join Mike, Brian, Sam, Ben, Noah and Meghan for another Slice of SciFi All-Star Geek-Out! The crew takes one last moment to reminisce about the movies they loved from 2012, and some of them might not be the ones you expect!

Meghan also gives us some of her favorite graphic novels from the year, and Ben adds his thoughts to the new DC storylines.

Add your own thoughts on 2012 entertainment by calling in or using the app to leave us a message!

Slice of SciFi 2012 Special #3: The Artful Sith

Join Mike, Brian, Ben, Keith, Noah and Meghan for another Slice of SciFi All-Star Geek-Out!

1) is art critic Camille Paglia serious or just whacking the hornets’ nest by saying George Lucas’ Revenge of the Sith is “the greatest piece of art in the last thirty years”?

2) playing the “Books to Movies” game, but with a few caveats

Slice of SciFi 2012 Special #2: Talking Walking Dead and Fringe

Join Mike, Brian, Sam, Ben, Noah and Meghan for another Slice of SciFi All-Star Geek-Out! Diving deeper into topics brought up during Slice of SciFi 516, the crew discusses the good, the bad and the intensity of Walking Dead Season 3, how the Once Upon A Time Ladies are Kicking Ass For Themselves, and the ZOMFG factor of the final season of Fringe, trying really hard not to start a Fringe Podcast right there on the spot.

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Slice of SciFi 2012 Special #1: Cracked.com Top 8 Everything


Interview: Cracked.com Editor-In-Chief Jack O’Brien stops to chat with Slice of SciFi about the inspiration and creation of the Cracked 64: the End of Year Everything List of 2012 features.

Slice of SciFi Extra #5: Stan Lee on “Romeo and Juliet: The War”


Slice of SciFi field reporter Mark Edlitz talks with comics legend Stan Lee about his latest graphic novel “Romeo and Juliet: The War” from 1821 Comics, about translating the Shakespearean themes to modern day and future heroes, about the importance of hero nicknames, and more!

Slice of SciFi #364 Extra: “Eureka” Roundtable

If you tuned into episode 364, you heard the first ten minutes of our Eureka roundtable with Colin Ferguson, Jamie Paglia and Bruce Miller.

Slice of SciFi #352 Extra: “Another Earth”: The Extended Conversation

If you tuned into Show #352 for the conversation with Brit Marling and Mike Cahill, creators and star of Another Earth, you heard the first part of the chat.

Slice Queen Report #026: Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk


PHILLY CHICK PICTURES wrapped production on another MS. VAMPY web series titled “MS. VAMPY’S TWEEN TAWK, TEEN TAWK & IN BETWEEN TAWK”. Following the hit web series “MS. VAMPY” in 2009 and as a prelude to the Halloween Family feature “VAMP IT OUT”, Ms. Vampy is back to inspire tween and teen girls in a “tawk” show format, which covers issues that these girls are faced with today. Topics that will be discussed include: Body image; Self-esteem; Peer pressure; Caring about what others think of you; Being popular; Facing your fears; Following your dreams; And, of course, boys and “TWILIGHT”!

Slice of SciFi #311 Video Tease


Have you ever wondered what you might be missing when you don’t catch the Slice of SciFi Live Stream on Thursday nights?