Slice of SciFi #177: Josh Gates of SciFi Channel’s “Destination Truth”


Interview: Josh Gates, show host and one of the producers for SCI FI Channel’s successful program “Destination Truth” joins us this week. “Destination Truth” is an one-hour travel show that investigates urban legends, the strange and fantastic, unique tales and age-old folklore with just the right touch of skepticism to make the show wonderfully interesting and fun to watch.

Slice of SciFi #174: Dr. Michael Brooks (Author, “13 Things That Don’t Make Sense”)

Interview: Dr. Michael Brooks is a quantum physicists who has written one of the most exciting books to come along since professor Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” Brooks discusses his book “13 Things That Don’t Make Sense,” with Mike and Summer. The book takes some heavy scientific topics like cosmology, the pioneer anomaly, the constant (or inconsistency) of the Law of Physics, cold fusion and dark matter.

Slice of SciFi #173: Dr. Deborah Manchester (Creator, “Zula Patrol”)


Interview: Dr. Deborah Manchester, the creative force behind an intriguing children’s program called “The Zula Patrol” for NBC Universal. Audiologist turned inventor, TV producer, writer and animator, Deborah created these interesting characters from another planet while recuperating from foot surgery and sold NBC on the idea. The series is presented in such a way that it gets young elementary school-aged children very interested in real science, particularly astronomy and mathematics.

Slice of SciFi #172: Chuck Beaver (Producer, EA Games’ “Dead Space”)


Interview: Chuck Beaver, senior producer for EA Games’ “Dead Space” talks with Mike, Summer, Brian and Crazy Joe about this great SF-horror video game and the new animated series and related comic book series. Taking place in the far future, the human race is almost extinct and must search deep space with planet-crackers for all their needs and resources. Eventually, they come up to a planet that fights back.

Slice of SciFi #171: Frank Spotnitz (Writer/Producer, “X-Files: I Want to Believe”)


Interview: Emmy nominated producer and writer Frank Spotnitz talks about this weekend’s premiere of the next X-Files movie titled “X-Files: I Want To Believe.” Frank co-wrote the script with creator/director Chris Carter. The stand alone film takes place 6 years after the end of the television series in which the times haven’t just changed, so have the lives of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Frank also talks about his work on X-Files comics for DC Wild Storm Comics.

Slice of SciFi #170: Robert Picardo (“Stargate: Atlantis”)


Interview: Actor Robert Picardo joins our gang for a great time together talking about his new gig as a series regular on “Stargate: Atlantis” as that station’s new commander. Hey, he finally gets a uniform with pockets and can claim to be one of only a few interstellar bureaucrats “who failed upward” — a real “Dick Cheney with a sense of humor.” Bob also shares news about his annual charity event for Habitat For Humanity.

Slice of SciFi #167: Interview With J.C. Hutchins


Interview: Golly-gee-willikers, “7th Son” trilogy author J.C. Hutchins joins Mike, Summer and Brian to talk about his latest project “7th Son Obsidian,” in which he brings together some of the most prolific podio-novel authors and story-tellers alive today to continue the journey within this award winning 7th Son universe.

Slice of SciFi #166: Interview With Chris McKeown about FedCon USA


Interview: Former SciFi United co-owner, site manger and editor Chris McKeown joins us to talk about all the things that pinnacled to destroy the first and probably last ever FedCon USA non-event that occurred last weekend in Dallas, Texas. McKeown now runs