Slice of SciFi #158: James Callis (“Battlestar Galactica”)


Interview: Because this final season of “Battlestar Galactica” is so frakkin’ good and totally on the edge we thought we would dig into the Slice of SciFi archives and pull out our awesome interview with Baltar himself, James Callis.

Slice of SciFi #157: Interview with Mark Lund on “First World”


Interview: Mark Lund rejoins us to give an update on his film “First World”.

Slice of SciFi #156: Interview with Michael Trucco (“Battlestar Galactica”)


Interview: This week, our guest is Michael Trucco, who portrays Sam Anders on Battlestar Galactica, a fan favorite who’s recently discovered he’s truly a Cylon.

Michael talks to us about the shock of the revelation of his being a Cylon at the end of Season 3, and more, but don’t worry… we didn’t coerce any spoilers or story secrets from him and get him in trouble with Ron Moore and the gang.

Slice of SciFi #155: Interview with Kenneth Johnson (“V” and “Alien Nation” Producer)


Interview: We are joined by legendary TV producer/writer/director Kenneth Johnson. Kenny spends time giving the complete genesis of the popular “Alien Nation” television series and follow-up hit movies. He talks about the upcoming “The Ultimate Alien Nation Movie Collection” on DVD to be released on April 15 with loads of extras, including his famous gag reels.

Slice of SciFi #154: Interview with Nichelle Nichols and J. Neil Schulman


Interview: We are so pleased to be able to talk with the legendary star of stage, television and big screen, the Grand Dame of Scifi, Nichelle Nichols. Joining Nichelle is director J. Neil Schulman. The two worked together on the film “Lady Magdelene’s,” the new suspense/comedy film that is part scifi and part contemporary that has Nichelle starring as a modern day Madam of a Nevada brothel who, with a disgraced IRS agent is hot on the trail of a possible terrorist.

Slice of SciFi #153: Interview with Vic Cook & Greg Weisman (“Spectacular Spider-Man”)


Interview: We talk with director Vic Cook and writer Greg Weisman about their participation in the new Kids! WB animated series “The Spectacular Spiderman.”

Slice of SciFi #152: Interview with Dr. Michio Kaku


Interview: Dr. Michio Kaku joins Mike, Summer and Brian as they discuss his new book “Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration Into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel.” Dr. Kaku is the renowned, internationally lauded theoretical physicist and co-founder of String Field Theory. He is also a popular radio host of two science broadcasts and has been featured on PBS, NASA, Discovery, TLC and The History Channel discussing and teaching physics to a worldwide audience.

Slice of SciFi #151: Interview with Dave Arneson, “Dungeons & Dragons” co-creator

Interview: Michael Stackpole joins Mike, Summer and Brian to talk to Dave Arneson, the co-creator of “Dungeons and Dragons” (D&D). With this week’s passing of legendary game creator E. Gary Gygax, Dave’s longtime friend and colleague, he shares and reminisces about their association and collaboration on the groundbreaking RPG D&D. Dave also shares what he is currently up to in the gaming and computer industry.

Slice of SciFi #150: Interview with Glen Vaughn & Corey Landis of “Chrysalis”

Interview: Glen Vaughn (“A Piece of Wood”) and Corey Landis (“That 70′s Show”) talk about their roles in the new Roger Lay, Jr. movie “Chrysalis,” based on the original 1946 short story from the legendary Ray Bradbury.

Slice of SciFi #149: Interview with Roger Lay Jr. (Ray Bradbury’s “Chrysalis”)

Interview: Producer/writer/director Roger Lay Jr. gives us the low-down on his production of the new feature film based on the Ray Bradbury short story “Chrysalis.” Shot on such exotic locations like Puerto Rico and the Caribbean rain forests. Principal photography is now complete as the production moves forward.

Slice of SciFi #148: Interview with actor/producer Mike McCafferty

Interview: This week we welcome actor, writer, director and producer Mike McCafferty as he shares with us the great news that the SCI FI Channel series “The Invisible Man,” which he co-starred in, is finally coming to DVD. Mike also shares some of his thoughts about those in production with the power to make or break a series or movie idea, and just what was the genesis for highly popular online series “Chad Vader.”

Slice of SciFi #147: Interview with Trevor Roth of Roddenberry Productions

Interview: Trevor Roth, producer, friend and business partner with Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry talks about all the new things happening at Roddenberry Productions. This company is an extension of what “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry began over 40 years ago.

Slice of SciFi #146: Interview with Save Journeyman Team

Interview: Our guests are some of those fine folks who are working industriously to save “Journeyman,” the NBC show that the network failed to pick up after it aired 13 episodes. On hand for the interview are Njdeh from Journeyman Fansite, Todd of the Save and Troy Price from the Journeyman Podcast. Each explains how and why they felt so strongly about keeping “Journeyman” on the air and offer fans some good tips on what they can do to get involved.

Slice of SciFi #145: Interview with “Journeyman” Producer Kevin Falls

Interview: Kevin Falls, creator, executive producer and writer of the fan favorite show “Journeyman” talks about NBC’s decision to not pick-up the show for a full first season and his excitement over the huge international fan support to get his show back on the air.

Slice of SciFi #144: Interview with Tim Russ on “Of Gods and Men”

Interview: Tim Russ, best known for his role of Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, and currently starring in “Samantha Who?” on ABC, joins us to talk about directing and acting in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, of his musical career, and his upcoming appearance at Phoenix Cactus Comicon at the Mesa AZ Convention Center, Jan 25-27 2008.