Slice of SciFi #285: Interview with Stan Lee


Interview: Excelsior! Mike and guest Mike Stackpole talk with comics icon Stan Lee! They talk about “Superhumans” on History Channel, his appearances at New York Comic-Con and Hollywood Xpo this month, and his thoughts on the evolution of the acceptance and popularity of comic books today as compared to 30-40 years ago.

Slice of SciFi #284: SPOILER-Filled Conversation with Jamie Paglia of “Eureka,” Part Two


Interview: “Eureka” producer Jamie Paglia is back for the second half of our  interview about season four of the hit SyFy series.  We go full SPOILER for this one, so if you haven’t seen up through the mid-season finale, you may want to catch up and then listen. (Seriously… we SPOIL the heck out of things and if you’re not watching “Eureka” all we can ask is–why not?!?)