TV Talk: Spring Finales, Summer Starts, and On Demand Specials Watching way too much TV, but finding gems in unexpected places

Parallels from FOX Digital Studios

This week, Kevin Bachelder (Tuning Into Scifi Television) and Sean From Edwards (Flight Test Land) join Summer to discuss the spring genre television picks. Talk ranges from the season finales, spring premieres, and more.

Then, Summer and Sean review a new VOD movie from Fox Digital, Parallels. It raised many more questions than it answered, and that turns out to be a good thing in the end.

Shop Talk: Discussing “Proxima” by Stephen Baxter This vast, sweeping space opera has captivated Tim and Jill

Proxima by Stephen Baxter

This week, Tim and Jill discuss “Proxima” by Stephen Baxter, the first novel in a new space opera epic by Stephen Baxter.

There is a spoiler-free overview and mini-review of the book at the top of the discussion, followed by a long detailed spoiler-filled examination and breakdown of the story, so pay attention to the spoiler warnings we mention before we cross that bridge, if you haven’t read the book yet and don’t want to be spoiled.

And for the record, Tim slides in his first Lensman mention less than 2 minutes in (you’re welcome, Gary!)

Star Trek Collectibles: Alec Peters on the Propworx Auctions The CEO of Propworx talks about the auctions, his favorite Trek, and more

Propworx / Star Trek: Axanar

This week, CEO and Founder of Propworx Alec Peters drops by to talk about the upcoming series of Star Trek memorabilia and props auctions (see more images at Propworx)

Alec also chats about his personal favorite Treks, the upcoming production milestones for Star Trek: Axanar, and the feature film slated to begin production this year for release in 2016.

Shop Talk: Comics, Their Movies and More We talk (and talk) about how comics and their adaptations have us hooked

Marvel: Secret Wars

Noah, Daren and Summer saw an advanced screening of Kingsman, and we kick things off with a lively review of the movie.

Next up, along with new columnist and editor Michael J, we discuss Marvel’s upcoming changes, which Michael wrote about and isn’t quite on board with just yet.

“Inverse”: Chat with Matt Duggan and Josh Wingate Strong storytelling in a independent setting makes for a popular film festival draw


This week, writer/director Matt Duggan and actor Josh Wingate join Summer and Tim to talk about their film Inverse, an independent feature that recently won awards at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival and the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival.

The Amazing Comic Con Shows The Arizona Show was just the beginning

Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Started five years ago with Amazing Arizona Comic Con, the Amazing series has expanded across the Southwest, to Las Vegas and Houston, with new shows coming this year to Hawaii and Oklahoma City.

Founder and Promoter Jimmy Jay talks about how comics literally are his life, what inspired the beginning of the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, how the shows expanded into other cities from there, what his vision for comics conventions is, and so much more.

Hobbitses, Dwarves and Dragons Summing up "The Hobbit" trilogy, Comparing it to "Lord of the Rings"

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

This week, Noah, Daren and Summer talk about The Hobbit trilogy as a whole, and how it reflects on the novels, and affects Peter Jackson’s legacy. Would the movies have been better made as 2 films, or as one?

Previewing “12 Monkeys” on Syfy Based on the movie, Syfy's new series intrigues and excites

12 Monkeys on Syfy

This week, Kevin Bachelder (Tuning Into Scifi Television) joins Summer to talk about 12 Monkeys, the new series debuting on Syfy Channel on January 16th.

We’ve both seen the first two episodes already, and our skeptically reserved expectations for the series were blown completely out of the water.

Philip K. Dick: The Philosophy and The Film Festival Exploring questions about everything through films his work inspired

Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival

This week, Daniel Abella, director of the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, joins us to talk about how the festival came to be, his appreciation for the fiction and philosophies of PKD, his admiration for the stories and films inspired by PKD’s work, and more.

Doctor Who: Christmas 2014 and Beyond Team Slice of SciFi talks about the 12th Doctor First Holiday

Doctor Who: Last Christmas

This week, Shaun Farrell, Tim Callender and Jill Heller join Summer to talk about the Doctor Who Christmas special “Last Christmas”, about the entire 8th season and the 12th Doctor, and speculate about what’s to come next.

Jeremy Berg: Going Deeper into “The Device” Summer interviews director Jeremy Berg, and reviews the film

The Device (The October People)

Summer chats with writer/director Jeremy Berg about making The Device, and she provides her thoughts and impressions about the film in a separate review.

Kevin Murphy: RiffTrax Rules the World Improving the World by Laughing With It

Kevin Murphy (MST3K, RiffTrax)

Kevin Murphy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Tom Servo) and RiffTrax is our guest this week, and he talks with Summer and guest host Tim Callender about the work and the fun involved with the RiffTrax Live events, how having a Peabody Award coffee mug is just as cool as having the award itself, and what movies he’d want to Riff and what movies would be too hard to Riff on.