Lego My Lego!

Nathan Sawaya LEGO Artist

Lego My Lego! There’s 113 foot, 2000 pound Lego Tower that set a Guinness Book record; Ventura Comic Con is coming; Con Report: GenCon; DragonCon is Here! Flight Test Land: Corkscrew Turns; Has the Joker been Dead for the 30 years?? Netflix is Set for World Domination with Harvey Weinstein in bed; and Multiverse News

Sci-Fried Godzilla


Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs have become one in the same person but where’s the story? NASA offers a video ride aboard a shuttle solid booster rocket and the view is spectacular! Slice audio fans get a story about Third Rock Radio that broadcasts from the International Space Station. Sci-Fried delivers a new music- “Godzilla” from Blue Oyster Cult; and how good is your Trivia about Product Placement?

JJ Abrams gets Stranger

jj teaser

JJ Abrams has gotten “Stranger” than ever before with an unannounced video teaser for a WTF moment! XBox One really needs to have more sci-fi genre gaming titles! Rifftrax Starship Troopers was hilarious with a lot of jokes. The Book Biz is really hurting and Barnes & Noble maybe the next RIP bookstore; Adrien Brody will be Houdini; Leo DiCaprio are doing Twilight Zone

Brooke Lewis: Bowling for Boobies

Brooke Lewis

Our very own “Slice Queen” Brooke Lewis returns to advocate for the fight against Breast Cancer and the “Bowling For Boobies” fundraiser. Most all of us know somebody who has been diagnosed and many of us do our part to help battle on behalf of all women. But the war is far from over and the work must continue. The Bowling for Boobies event raises funds that go directly to diagnosed and need financial help with the costly treatments. Brooke also has an amazing career that is still running at full speed.

Feedbackapalooza: UFO Road Trip


It’s a Feedbackapalooza!!! Local UK football pitch is a celebrity hangout; Meghan has an insightful fan who peels away a layer she’s never shown before; Pacific Rim still rocks compared to other Japanese films! Star Trek movies have us wondering about Vulcan Sex? R.I.P.D. was a hoot – just not at the box office – and comic books never rip off other comic books; Slice adds to the Lens Flare scheme; Multiverse News, UFO Road Trip Itinerary…

Cows In Space

cows in space

Cows in Space! Synthetic beef burger is now available for us to consume on our way to Mars but digital pickles ain’t happening yet; Interstellar is still under wraps with filming underway will yield Christopher Nolan’s best film ever? Con Report: SDCC, Doug Jones goes to Teen Wolf Today! Heroes of Cosplay is wonderful and other Syfy shows follow, Norse Gods like to sit around sharing a beer, Game of Thrones has new characters, Haven has fresh faces too! Bowling for Boobies is coming!

RiffTrax: Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers RiffTrax Live

Elon Musk and his Hyperloop are NOT Tony Stark with an Iron Man Suit! Mike is pissed and goes off on Elon, the concept and the media! Flight Test Land shows another brilliant test of SpaceX reusable rocket, Spielberg’s “Extant” is headed near Under the Dome BUT the whole CBS versus Time Warner Cable has got to clear up before Football, Rifftrax has a huge hilarious project – Did you attend?

Wanted: Slice iReporters


Valiant Comics has a Super Teen title “Unity” with a “Ninjak”; NASA’s Astronaut describes the real life “Gravity” scene during Space Walk; Geek Moment: Real Life Lens Flare; Syfy has some great new shoes coming your way – but is THIS what you want to see? Wanna be on Slice? We’ll show you how to be a Slice Reporter at DragonCon or a Con near you? More cool shows we don’t get in the U.S.; Sharknado needs the 90210 cast to be really good!

Comic-Con Still Has A Fan

comic-con crowd

She is hot, awesome and going to GoT, Star Trek 3 was pulled from Netflix for Klingon subtitles accuracy, Star Wars scores again with John Williams, The Slice Queen is Bowling for Boobies, Good bye to Karen Black, Arrow team brings The Flash to CW, Multiverse News, Noah gets schooled on Tribbles, San Diego Comic Con has at least one fan willing to step forward, how about you?

Media Giant Smackdown


Showtime makes a big footprint bigger and on the run, Time Warner versus CBS is now in the 14th round of a bout that could be a real game changer, Trivia: Bows and Arrows, RiffTrax goes live with Starship Troopers, and Flight Test Land gives a Flying Camp for wannabe test pilots!

Elysium Expectations


Is there a Doctor in the house? Yes! The new Doctor Who is the same guy from W.H.O. in W.W.Z. Our NASA astronauts take a test drive on Earth while steering from Space. Under the Dome got 13 more but is there enough air, food and water to support all the people watching? Noah’s preview of Elysium didn’t reach his uber-high expectations. Con Report: DragonCon and there’s SciFi on the Horizon, plus some wild Solar Flares about to smack Earth!

Bone Quill: John and Carole Barrowman

John and Carole Barrowman

Slice of SciFi’s Exclusive Interview with John and Carole Barrowman about their young adult fiction series “Hollow Earth”! The latest book, “Bone Quill”, was released in the US on July 9, and they take time out in between convention stops to chat with us about long distance collaborative writing, their inspirations for the world of the Animare and their Guardians, and more. And yes, there will be more stories, and more art forms and more creatures appearing in future books!

Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman


Slice’s Exclusive Interview with Josh Henaman, writer for the new comic series “Bigfoot”. Shot at Hypno Comics in Ventura, CA and hosted by our beloved George Chase, who talks with Josh about the initial concept and influences for this Conan-esque character. Discover how the production team came together, tips for aspiring comic creators, the value of comic conventions and the importance of good old brick and motor comic shops!

You Are Here!

cassini earth

BBC’s Atlantis is coming to America and the UK will teach us how to do it right! NASA’s Cassini sends us a pic of Earth and moon from near Saturn which confirms we’re just a drop in the bucket. Gravity film with Bullock and Clooney can’t be heard in space for Sci-Fi fans. X47B New Drone does some Touch and Goes, Star Trek Origins DVD, Walking Dead spins Clone from Kirkman with behind the scenes video!

The Doubleclicks


Slice Exclusive Interview with The Doubleclicks, Aubrey and Angela Webber. “Nothing To Prove” is the latest and most poignant song and music video addressing the “fake geek girl” situation and the wider “geek elitism” social faux pas. The Doubleclicks talk about their origins, musical influence and the cred needed to stand proud in their geekdom. And how did they arrive at the name “Doubleclicks”?