Alan Kistler on Superman’s S

Superman's "S"

Slice of SciFi contributor Alan Kistler of Stay Geeky shares some brilliant historical insight on the origins of the big ‘ol “S” on Superman’s chest. See how it evolved, what it meant over the years, who had a say in the designs and how we perceived it, and why it all makes sense now… thanks to Alan’s concise report. Join Sam, Michael, Meghan and Tim as they dig deeper into this “S-capade”!

“That’s How I Was Raised And I Turned Out TV!”

Brainwashed by TV

Slice of SciFi takes on Television and unravels the mystery behind your viewing habits by asking the one simple question the Lame Stream Media is AFRAID to ask!!!

What are you watching?

Debate: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of SHIELD

Slice takes on it’s next great debate… Is Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” TV series living up to it’s comic book roots? Or has Joss Whedon lost his midas touch when it comes to TV screen programming. Mike and Sam have kept up with the series while Meghan and Tim have had limited exposure thus far to AoS… which really keeps the conversation grounded and on-track ~ or does it??

Feedbackapalooza: Theater Survival

Closing Theaters

Slicer Tim Adamec is in the house and dumps $100 into the Swear Jar. Spoiler Alerts pale in comparison to Heart Break Alerts. Rocket launches are life changing experiences. CON Report from Joe. Hey! What about all these little ma-pa movie theaters that can’t afford the change to digital. Support your local theater! Gravity scares the crap out of Sam – here’s why! Mike thinks size doesn’t matter… wake up and smell the aspect ratio!

The Future of Space Exploration

The Jetsons

Slice welcomes Geoff Notkin to the studio to geek out on Private Space Exploration companies and the amazing opportunities they might seize. Geoff, Meghan and Michael share boundless enthusiasm for the future of space flight, working and living in space.

Halloween Cosplay

Slice Halloween Cosplay

Slice plays dress up in time for Halloween with a report from Toni Darling, Professional Cosplayer, and Geoff Notkin of Meteorite Men who shows off a pair of the actual monster hands prop used in a movie ~ Can you guess what film?? Plus Meghan gets dolled up with a flattering hat, but comes down with a case of head lice in the process! EEWWWW SPOOKY!

Alan Kistler wants a Wonder Woman Movie!

Classic Wonder Woman

Slice welcomes Alan Sizzler Kistler as a contributor, who asks one o f the most obvious and under considered questions in geekdom… Where’s Our Wonder Woman Movie?? Alan does a brilliant job of laying out all the facts, traces Wonder Woman’s history, raises concerns and rebuts the nay sayers before they speak.

Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth

Slice rolls out another episode with guest-host Geoff Notkin who gets all Philip K. Dick in our faces as he pimps his latest project involvement with the new Radio Free Albemuth movie. Geoff and Sam debate the merits of Agents of SHIELD based on the pilot episode. Plus, Meghan steps way over the TMI line when she grills Geoff about his personal anatomy. After all, it’s Notkin’s love of Dick we’re talkin’ ’bout!

STEM Journals with Geoff Notkin

STEM Journals / Geoff Notkin

Slice welcomes Geoff Notkin, host of Meteorite Men on Science Channel back to the studio to tell us about his new series: STEM Journals. Geoff seduces us with his Euro-Arizona accent as he describes the wicked-cool subjects he covers on STEM Journals and shows off a brilliant prop from the show.

GRAVITY: A Spoiler Free Preview


Sam got to see a sneak preview of “Gravity” and shares her experience – OMG! What a ride it is… a beautifully done film that scares the crap out of you. Mike thinks it will be like “Open Water”, and worries that Sandy Bullock can’t be credible. Will it be like “Moon”? NO SPOILERS ARE IN THIS REPORT!

UK Programmes on US TeeVee

British TV

Hulu Plus connects US audience to UK genre programming from BBC, including Doctor Who, Black Adder and a crap-ton of great series! Oh and Luther is insanely good too! Mass Whovian Weddings are a great bargain – if you’re a hyper hard core Doctor Whovian. Zombies comic The Other Dead has quite a collaboration of talent whipped together in a hurricane, Flight Test Land has a bitchin aircraft museum on the way! Con Report: Star Base Indy, Dead Tribbles rise from the grave, Sci-Fi Hall of Fame in Seattle is a must see, cable tv is a pain in the ass…

Please Pass The Plutonium?


NASA’s Voyager has wandered for so long it’s running our of juice and needs to borrow some of your plutonium; Bagcast tells us about the Ladee project to the moon; Mars is the new Moon; Self healing technology comes from the Terminator movies; Microscopic App for your smart phone; how much poo is around you?; Multiverse; Flight Test Land; Sociology experts support Meghan’s Feminism Nerd;

Slice shows you the seedy underbelly of… most things.

Announcing Ichabod Crane v3.0

Sleepy something

Sleepy Hollow’s hype hooked millions and has Noble, but is it really that cool? How much makeup is too much? One example of how to spend your money on sci-fi stuff in the UK; George RR Martin is a huge Breaking Bad fan; Trivia: Comic Books; Con Report: Brown Coat Ball on 10/04; AMC does more UnDead, Agent Carter needs help, Syfy goes small town; Continuum ends with a “Holy Crap” moment; Spoiling Dexter??

Genre TV is Blowing Up!

Please Stand By

Genre TV is blowing up so here’s a network by network preview: CW’s The 100,The Originals, Star Crossed, Tomorrow People; on FOX it’s Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Wayward Pines; plus on NBC there’s Believe, Crossbones, Dracula; oh but on CBS it’s Intelligence; and ABC has Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, and Resurrection. More awesome geeky programming is coming this fall that you’ll hear about first… on Slice!

Where No One Has Gone Before

Slice Trek Geek Week

Slice of SciFi’s “Star Trek Geek Week” continues: merchandise and collectibles emerged over the decades and set a standard for all other genre shows. Emotions run high when a Trek fan comes close trekdom, What happened to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas?? Cell Phones are a direct result of Trek Tech, ST is a sense of adventure and exploration, and with a mission statement to Go Where No One has Gone Before… thats what we love about Trek!