What’s Your “Must See” Summer Movie?

movie theater

The summer movie season is now fully upon us… what upcoming movies are on your “must see” list, the ones you have to see in the theater?

What Did You Think of “Defiance?”


Syfy’s cross-platform series Defiance aired its premiere episode this week.

We want to know what you thought of the premiere and if you’ll be tuning in for more.

Slice of SciFi Asks: What Project Would YOU Help Kickstart?


Given that there are so many shows that so many of us believe were denied closure, completion, or even a fair shot, which one would you actually put your money down on to get that final chapter?

Slice of SciFi Asks: Are You Excited About “Robot Combat League”?


Syfy Channel is launching Robot Combat League later this month, hosted by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, and featuring robots designed by robotics expert Mark Setrakian.

Slice of SciFi wants to know: Will you be watching?

What did you think of the FRINGE Finale?


Let us know your thoughts on the FRINGE series finale!

Slice of SciFi Wants to Know: How do you Read your Slice?


We know you love listening to the show (you do, right?), and you also love watching the show (no, really, tell me?) — but how do you prefer to read the rest of the news that we can’t cover in the show?

Which Board Games Actually WOULD Make an Entertaining Hollywood Project?


Making movies out of board games seems to be all the chatter again, with Monopoly and now Hungry Hungry Hippos being at the top of the list again.

You’d think they’d have learned something from Battleship, though.

Which Returning, Midseason or Replacement Shows are You Anticipating?


In addition to fan favorites returning in September and October, there are a handful of shows slated to return to air between November and March, and a few new shows that might get airtime in that time frame.

Are any of them on your “Gotta Watch” or “Must Check Out” lists?

Which New Fall Series Are You Looking Forward to Watching?


So what brand new fall genre series are you looking forward to watching this September?

Did we miss any? Mention it here in comments, or call in a voicemail! 206-339-8735

Grade the “Eureka” series finale


The phenomenal show Eureka ended its run on Syfy this week, and without letting loose any spoilers, it was bittersweet.

So for those of you who have seen it, what did you think? Vote here, and tell us more either in comments or by sending in a voicemail, 206-339-8735

“Avengers” Assembles Record Box Office


The Avengers assembled on-screen this weekend and audiences were there. The film kicked off the summer blockbuster season on a record-breaking note, taking in $200.3 million in its first three days.

Tells Us What You Thought About “Eureka”‘s Premiere


Eureka kicked off its fifth and final season Monday.

So, what’d you think of the premiere?

Predict the Next Death on “The Walking Dead”


The two latest episodes of the Walking Dead have seen two major character deaths.
Which major character do predict will die next?

Are the Watchmen Prequels a Good Idea?


Alan Moore hates the idea.  But DC is moving forward with a Watchmen prequel series. Simple question–is it a good idea?  You can elaborate in the comments section.

Grade the Series Finale of “Chuck”


Friday night saw the series finale of Chuck.

What’d you think of the finale of one of our favorite shows?