UFO or No??

earthstood size

What’s the FBI’s most viewed public record?

This is Madness! “Star Wars” Tournament


March Madness From A Galaxy Far Far Away

‘Zero Charisma’ To Debut Next Week


Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham are partnered up on the geeky comedy Zero Charisma, these veteran editors are making their directing debut when the film screens at next weeks SXSW.

Obama Melds “Trek” and “Wars”


This is not the quote you are looking for.

Ready To Run For Your Lives?

Run For Your Lives

The zombie filled 5k obstacle race is doubling its locations for 2013.

“Tron” Prom Dress


If you’re a teenage geek and looking to make a splash at this year’s prom, may we suggest a prom dress based on Tron?

Gamer Goes On Fast to Protest Parents Not Letting Him Play Games


A 20-something in China is going on a fast in protest.

No, it’s not for a political or social cause, but it’s because his parents want to restrict his time playing video games.

Fan Made Iron Man Armor Shoots Lasers


Iron Man fan Patrick Priebe has built his own replica of gauntlet used by Tony Stark in the comics and movies. But that’s not the cool part.

Legos Help Man Propose


Who says Legos can’t be romantic? A Star Wars fan combined his love of Legos, a galaxy far, far away and his potential future bride in a diorama recently. A photo below show the set-up, complete with a Lego stormtrooper down on one knee, proposing with a real diamond ring. We’re assuming since the diorama […]

Hipster Disney Princesses


What if the Disney princesses were hipsters?

How Do You Calm A Future Geek?


How do you calm a crying baby and ensure he or she will be a future geek?

Everything I Need to Know about the Zombie Apocalypse I Learned from Resident Evil

Resident Evil Retribution feat

With the next installment of the Resident Evil franchise opening on September 14, Screen Gems asked us to let our listeners and readers know about a chance to win a Zombie Survival Pack.

Fans Force “Total Recall” Actress to Reveal Third Breast Isn’t Real


Ah, fanboys….you gotta love ‘em.

At the recent San Diego ComicCon, actress Kaitlyn Leeb from the upcoming Total Recall was on hand to promote the upcoming summer blockbuster. Leeb is taking on the role of the three-breasted woman and she was there in character.

High School Students Build “BSG” Viper Simulator


A group of high school students in California have completed a year-long project to build a working, life-sized Viper simulator.

“Game of Thrones” Credits Given Lego Treatment


A couple of weeks ago, The Simpsons paid homage to the opening credits for Game of Thrones.

Now the credits have been immortalized in Legos.