Star Trek: Papercraft

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Coming Soon to a imagination near or in you is Star Trek: Papercraft

RiffTrax Live Takes on “Sharknado”


From the moment it debuted, Sharknado has been one of the most requested titles in RiffTrax history. It makes Jaws IV look like Jaws III, and Jaws III look like Jaws. You won’t want to miss the chance to see Mike, Kevin, and Bill tackle Sharknado!

Learn Dothraki, Conquer Your Foes!


Learn to speak Dothraki, and you too can aspire to become a warlord with your own nomad army!

Sci-Fi Writer’s Success At Predicting the Future


A very interesting infographic on the success rate of famous science fiction authors who have predicted the future.

Why Wil Wheaton Is A Cool Dude


Ever wonder why we geeks and or nerds, both young and old alike love Wil Wheaton?

CBS Announces The First Official ‘Star Trek’ Beer


You may never be able to pilot a Bird of Prey, but later this year, you’ll be able to drink the same beer as those warriors do on their starships and in the bars on their home-world of Quonos.

Star Wars 2014 “This Is Madness”


This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament is back!

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar


The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar, a retro-themed science fiction parody can be summed up in three words — cheese that works.

To Dream the Impossible Dream


I have posted this for one simple reason — I still can dream

Star Trek “Woman Cave”


We have all heard of the “Man Cave,” that one special place men like to scurry off to in their homes that is their special place for alone time in the big overstuffed recliner, fridge, possibly a bar, big screen TV and poker table. Let us introduce Line Rainville. She has built herself a “Woman Cave” and it’s all about original series Star Trek.

Klingons for Congress?

David Waddell (NC)

On Thursday in Indian Trail, North Carolina, town council member David Waddell submitted his letter of resignation — written in Klingon.

Google UK Celebrates 50 Years Of “Doctor Who”

Google Who

The search giant is ringing in the big day with a Google Doodle game.

How To Turn Your Shower Into a Transporter


You can turn your bathroom into a replica of the transporter room from classic Star Trek.

Fifty Couples to Say “I Do” With “Doctor Who”


For fifty couples, the weekend of November 23 will be filled with celebrations. On Saturday, the couples can watch the anniversary special of Doctor Who and the next day they can tie the knot with a Doctor Who themed mass wedding.

Ahoy! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

pirates of the caribbean

Enthusiasts around the world join together to celebrate the holiday, arrr you one of them?