Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise Rocket Powered Test Flight


Richard Branson has named his first commercially offered spacecraft the Enterprise.

When Did Voyager Leave Our Solar System?


For the past several years, NASA has been waiting for indications that the space probe Voyager has left our solar system. New research shows that the event has already happened and that the explorer craft has become the first human-made object to leave our solar system.

NASA Maps Potential Asteroid Impacts


From the printed page to the silver screen, pop culture has made us aware of the threat of an asteroid impacting our planet.

Curiosity Sings Happy Birthday To Itself


The Mars Rover Curiosity is celebrating a year on Mars this week. And in honor of the event, NASA team members as the Goddard Space Flight Center used the rover’s Sample Analysis at Mars instrument to sing “Happy Birthday” to the rover yesterday.

Curiosity Celebrates One Year On Mars


The Mars Rover Curiosity celebrates its first anniversary on the Red Planet this week.

Earth View From Saturn’s Rings


The Cassini Spacecraft shot an image of a close up of Saturn’s rings and at the same time caught a beautiful glimpse of Earth and its moon.

Astronomer Honors Banks


The late Iain M. Banks’ name will live on, not just on our bookshelves but in the universe.

Astronomers Won’t Name Pluto Moon Vulcan


Despite an overwhelming vote to name one of the newly discovered moons of Pluto Vulcan, astronomers with the SETI Institute have decided to go a different route.

Roddenberry’s Remains Will Rocket To Outer Space


The earthly remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry will soon be headed to the final frontier.

Meet the new NASA Astronaut Candidates – Class of 2013


NASA’s 2013 class of astronauts include a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds.

Nyberg To Quilt Aboard ISS


How would you spend your free time on board the International Space Station?

If you’re astronaut Karen Nyberg you might pass the time quilting.

Bieber Heading to Space

at 02 Arena on March 4, 2013 in London, England.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber has joined the ever growing tally of A-List celebrities getting in line to go into space.

Mars Rover Breaks Record


NASA’s Mars rover, Opportunity has given humanity an unprecedented look at the red planet. And now, nine years into its mission, the rover has set a record.

Final Frontiers Meet In Google+ Hangout


The hangout will connect Star Trek Into Darkness and International Space Station crews in a conversation about living and working in space.

ISS Astronaut Covers David Bowie


In space, they may not be able to hear you scream, but they can hear you sing.