Space Debris Barely Misses Orbiting Space Station


The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) were surprised this afternoon (12:35 PM EDT) by NASA and the Russian Space Agency when told to vacate the ISS and get into the attached Russian Soyuz TMA-13 escape module. The Soyuz is always available in case of an emergency getaway. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov and the […]

Help NASA Name ISS Node-3


One of our Slice of SciFi fans named Andrew McDonald sent us this news about NASA’s plans to let those outside the space agency name the new Node-3 which will be heading to the International Space Station soon. One of the choices is Serenity, named after Joss Whedon’s famed Firefly space craft that was in […]

Saturn’s Outer Ring Could Be Caused by a “Moonlet”


A newly discovered, third-of-a-mile wide moonlet could be responsible for Saturn’s outer most ring according to Cassini spacecraft scientists. “The moon’s discovery and the disturbance of its trajectory by the neighboring moon Mimas highlight the close association between moons and rings that we see throughout the Saturn system,” says Cassini imaging team scientist Carl Murray […]

Hubble Will Study Colliding Galaxies


The people have spoken. An on-line vote has decided that NASA’s Hubble space telescope will turn its attention to a pair of colliding galaxies according to USA Today. “Out of a total of 139,944 votes cast online by the public since the “Hubble, You Decide” contest opened on January 28, nearly 50 percent favored the […]

Telescope Captures New Nebula Photos


It may not be the Mutara Nebula from “The Wrath of Khan,” but it’s still amazing and beautiful. A La Salle Observatory telescope has captured a new color-composite iimage of the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293). The observatory is in Chile. The blue-green glow in the center is caused by oxygen atoms heated by the intense […]

NASA Satellite Crashes Into Arctic Ocean


A satellite being launched to study global warming crashed into the Arctic seas Tuesday after the rocket taking it to orbit was dragged down by too much weight. At first, the launch of the satellite, which was designed to measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, seemed to unfold as planned. A few minutes after the […]

Two Satellites Collide


If you’d be looking at the sky in Siberia around noon EST Tuesday, you might have seen two orbital satellites collide.  The two  communications satellites collided Tuesday during an orbital accident according to NASA scientists. The collision roughly 500 miles from Earth created a huge field of debris, but the risk to the International Space Station and […]

Spirit Showing Signs of Age

The Spirit Mars rover, now in its 6th year of what was originally planned as a 3 month mission, is beginning to show signs of computer alzheimers. This past weekend the rover failed to send its signal to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as scheduled. The lack of a signal from the little guy on Mars […]

You Decide Hubble’s Next Target


In a move that NASA hopes will revive interest in space exploration among the young, as well as adult civilian population, the space agency will let the public decide by majority vote where it will next point its famous Hubble Space Telescope. By going HERE online internet surfers can choose between six different astronomical locations […]

Virgin Galactic Sign Historic Spaceport Agreement

On December 31st, 2008, Virgin Galactic signed a 20 year lease lease agreement with the State of New Mexico. The signing of the lease agreement comes just days after the Federal Aviation Administration issued a launch license to the New Mexico Spaceport Authority. The lease agreement with an anchor tenant was the final requirement set […]

Is Science Ready to Proclaim Life on Mars?


According to NASA scientists will be announcing Thursday that they may have proof there is life on Mars. The scientists think that evidence shows alien microbes could be alive and flourishing quite will just below the Martian, after large quantities of what is suspected be organic waste products were detected. The organisms — called […]

NASA Will Give Away Space Shuttles


Sure the fuel costs might be a bit much, but just imagine the heads you’d turn crusing down the highway in your own space shuttle. You could own your very own space shuttle when the program ends in 2010. Provided you’re part of community of “educational institutions, science museums and other appropriate organizations.” NASA is […]