Ringed Asteroid Discovered

Photo via European Southern Observatory

Astronomers from several South American observatories announced today the discovery of a completely unexpected find.

COSMOS Sequel Gets 181-Country Simultaneous Broadcast


Fox’s “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” a 13-part documentary, will debut on all 10 of the company’s network stations at the same time and on 220 different channels in 181 separate countries simultaneously.

Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Star Trek Food Replicator


Replicated pizza anyone? Or perhaps “Earl Grey — hot.”

Hubble Revealing More Secrets Of Our Universe


The Hubble space telescope continues to reveal more secrets about our universe.

China On the Moon


The nation of China has become the third major Earth power to successfully send a spacecraft to a soft and safe landing on the Lunar surface. Watch the video of the landing here.

NASA Wants to Garden on the Moon


Is it possible to have a green thumb in outer space? NASA is looking to answer that question.

Scientists Confirm Newly Discovered Galaxy


The new galaxy is located just above the handle of the Big Dipper and is the farthest galaxy yet discovered.   According to a team from the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, light from the galaxy took 13 billion years to reach Earth.

Scientists Confirm Rogue Planet

PSO J318.5-22

Scientists with the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Astronomy have discovered a planet that is not orbiting a star.

Juno Spacecraft To Perform Near-Earth Flyby

Juno approach: credit: NASA/JPL

The NASA orbiter Juno will be passing within 350 miles of Earth to perform a critical gravity assist on it’s way to Jupiter.

Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Tonight


You may want to keep your eyes on the skies this evening just after sunset.   That’s when you could see the Draconid meteor shower.

The shower should be visible to the naked eye just after sunset this evening across the United States.

Evidence Indicates Super Volcanos Erupted on Mars


New data from Mars is causing scientists to reconsider the origin of a massive crater on the Red Planet.

NASA Will Pay You to Stay in Bed


NASA is looking for volunteers to spend more time in bed.

Fading Hopes for Proof of Life… on Mars


New readings from the NASA rover Curiosity have diminished the hope that life could be found on Mars.

Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise Rocket Powered Test Flight


Richard Branson has named his first commercially offered spacecraft the Enterprise.

When Did Voyager Leave Our Solar System?


For the past several years, NASA has been waiting for indications that the space probe Voyager has left our solar system. New research shows that the event has already happened and that the explorer craft has become the first human-made object to leave our solar system.