Doctor Who – Post Rose/New Companion Review

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Journalist) The post-Rose Tyler era of “Doctor Who” officially began Saturday night with the premiere of series three. As a long-time fan of “Doctor Who,” while I liked Rose, I realize that change is part of the show and most companions don’t stay on board the TARDIS for more than […]

Dresden & BSG Re-Cap for March 25 Episodes

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (SoSF Producer & Managing News Director) All that is contained in the following recaps are super spoilerific, so if you have yet to see either of the shows that aired this past Sunday, March 25, 2007 then you may not want to read any further. The parts I can relay […]

Totally Frakked: Battlestar Galactica — Son Rise, Son Set, Son Match

Battlestar Galactica Title: The Son Also Rises First Aired: 3/11/07 Q: On Battlestar Galactica, what do you call a bunch of dead lawyers? A: Baltar’s legal defense team. In the first episode following the shocking loss of Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, greasy little pimpstick Baltar is still causing mayhem for the handful of surviving humans he […]

“Battlestar Galactica” — Recap of ‘Maelstrom’

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (SoSF Producer & Managing News Director) This is a recap of Sunday night’s (Mar. 4) episode of “Battlestar Galactica” called ‘Maelstrom.’ This article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you have been forewarned. The show opens and we find Kara talking with Helo telling him how […]

Totally Frakked: Battlestar Galactica — Four-Play

Battlestar GalacticaTitle: “Taking a Break From All Your Worries”First Aired: 1/28/07 The capture of Greasebaltar on Algae World allowed The Powers That Be at Battlestar Galactica to draw even more parallel lines to our present, post-911 Earth. It also made it possible for Edward James Olmos to don his director’s cap and conjure some of […]

Totally Frakked: The Dresden Files — Egypped

The Dresden Files Title: "The Boone Identity" First Aired: 1/28/07 Harry Dresden, Chicago’s most famous supernatural crime investigator since Carl Kolchak, gets mixed up with an ancient Egyptian artifact that allows a vicious killer to jump from one host body to another. The biggest felon in this convoluted mess of an episode, however, isn’t Gus […]

Totally Frakked: Heroes — Kapow!

HeroesTitle: "Godsend"First Aired: 1/22/07 Those ass-kicking Heroes return to TV with all-new adventures for the first time in six weeks. For those of us left speechless last December by the revelation that beloved hero Peter is to blame for the destruction of New York City, the end of the wait seems heaven-sent. It’s been far […]

Totally Frakked: Battlestar Galactica — I Spy With My Giant Eye… The Way to Earth!

Battlestar GalacticaTitle: “Rapture�?First Aired: 1/21/07 Taking up residence in its new Sunday night time slot, Galactica returns in a big way in the first of nine fresh episodes. From the opening fade-in, in which we see the last Battlestar in orbit around Algae World facing off against the Cylon Base fleet, “Rapture�? barrels ahead at […]

Totally Frakked: The Dresden Files — Bird Flew

The Dresden FilesTitle: “Birds of a Feather�?First Aired: 1/21/07 Meet Harry Dresden. He’s a scruffy, scrappy, wisecracking Chicago detective. He loves women, and on this day, he’s been loving perky blonde diner waitress Laura. (A lot, as a matter of fact.) Your average, everyday sort of guy, right? No… Harry’s got secrets. For starters, he’s […]

Totally Frakked: Jake 2.0 — The Second Time Around

Jake_2 The late, not so great UPN headed into the 2003 fall season with high hopes for Jake 2.0, intending to marry the series about a geeky-sexy computer tech-turned-super spy with its other struggling standard bearer, Star Trek: Enterprise. The experiment proved disastrous for both shows. Despite establishing a core group of loyal, vocal fans, […]

Totally Frakked: Doctor Who — Ghosts in the Machine/When Parallel Worlds Colllide

It’s a normal day at Jackie Tyler’s Powell Estates flat: The kettle’s on, the washing’s been done, and Rose’s grandfather will shortly be stopping by for a visit. There’s only one problem with that last bit — Granddad Prentis has been dead for a decade. Just as Rose suspects that her mother has lost her […]

Totally Frakked: Doctor Who — Artsy Fartsy

Doctor WhoTitle: “Fear Her”First Aired: 12/15/06 Doctor Who journeys to near-future London, just in time to enjoy the 2012 Olympics. The residents of the seemingly normal neighborhood where the TARDIS lands, however, might as well be living in the cursed village of Midwich. As the Doctor and Rose soon learn, all have plenty of reason […]

Totally Frakked: Battlestar Galactica — Dangerous Liaisons

Battlestar GalacticaTitle: “The Eye of Jupiter”First Aired: 12/15/2006 This week, Battlestar Galactica‘s intrepid humans delight in an all-you-can-eat salad buffet of global proportions. Alas, unexpected dinner guests are about to crash the party. Break out the Pepto! In last week’s episode, the Colonial fleet successfully navigated the hellish star cluster that stood between it and […]

Totally Frakked: The Lost Room, Part 3 – Not Without My Daughter!

The Lost Room Title: “The Eye and the Prime Object”First Aired: 12/13/06 It’s 11:00. You know what that means: It’s checkout time at The Lost Room. Joe’s daughter Anna is still trapped God-knows-where. Joe is on the lam, framed for murder by whack-job Martin Ruber. Various forces are moving into position for the final showdown […]

Totally Frakked: The Lost Room, Part 2 — Motel Hell

When we last checked into The Lost Room, Pittsburgh police detective Joe Miller found himself in possession of a key to a motel room straight out of The Twilight Zone. Joe’s daughter Anna vanished into the room, and sinister forces — including Joe’s forensics guy, Martin Ruber — were jockeying to gain possession of the […]