Reviewing “The Good Dinosaur” Lush backgrounds and amazing animation enhance the Pixar formula

The Good Dinosaur

Like most Pixar films, The Good Dinosaur is filled with emotional moments of life and death scenarios. I believe this is why so many Pixar movie’s connect with people. They’re filled with reality based elements that touch the hearts of everyone. The Good Dinosaur is successful in embracing this formula and for better or worse deserves to rub elbows with other Pixar movies.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “SPECTRE” James Bond delivers once again, despite a few plot machinations that fail to resonate


This movie was all formula, twist included.The problem with that is they allowed me to notice how ridiculous certain things were. But it’s still a typical Bond movie: lots of action, amazing stunts, cackling bad guys, beautiful women, and Bond doing Bond things for Queen, Country, and MI6. If you like spy movies, then you probably like James Bond, and that means, issues or not, you’ll probably enjoy this movie. Issues and all, I did.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Nintendo Quest” The search for collectibles may also be a search for closure

Nintendo Quest

Jay Bartlett is a man on a mission, in 30 days we wants to collect all 678 original commercially released games for the Nintendo Entertainment Series. The biggest caveat, he cannot use the internet to make any of the purchases, he must travel to stores and private collections to buy each one in person   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Tales of Halloween” A horror anthology of ten short films that vary wildly in entertainment levels

Tales of Halloween

This is an entertaining collection, but not exceptionally so. For some reason, most of the scary stories weren’t very scary at all, but the funny ones and the quirky ones all hit the mark. It’s almost as if the ones that worked found that perfect balance that “Tales from the Crypt” used to hit.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Steve Jobs” Great acting and fascinating characters alone don't make a completely satisfying moviegoing experience

Steve Jobs the Movie

The acting is great. No, make that stellar. This is a movie that should be shown in acting classes, to show aspiring actors how to do it all right. Every single actor is amazing. But the movie truly doesn’t work for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that there is no real beginning and there is no real end. There is only middle.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Crimson Peak” An atmospheric gothic horror tale forgets itself and becomes an unsatisfying melodramatic actioner

Crimson Peak

I was impressed to see Guillermo del Toro delivering a somewhat staid, classic terror tale with an emphasis on mood and atmosphere. I was curious where he was going with the story, and what dark secrets were going to be revealed. What happens instead is that the film, inexplicably switches gears towards the ending, becoming more of an over-the-top violent action feature mixed with unconvincing and unnecessary melodrama.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “The Martian” The movie pulls all the right heartstrings mixed with humor and tension, but lacks any connection to science or space flight

The Martian

While it’s nice when studios make the rare attempt at hard science fiction, this story really could have been set in any remote location on earth and still have had the same effect. It doesn’t use its setting to tell any new and different tale, and it’s not so beholden to the laws of physics as to impart any sort of real science lesson.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Containment” A genuine surprise, in its realistic portrayal of isolation, fear and paranoia when faced with a killer disease


I have never lived in a tower block/apartment building; part of the reasoning behind this is because I always saw them as perfect havens for disease vectors. This movie plays with that concept to a great degree, along with themes about not knowing your neighbors, fear of authority, isolation, and paranoia.   [Read more…]