Reviewing “Knights of Badassdom” Maybe development hell is also a sign of the apocalypse

Knights of Badassdom

The hubs and I saw the Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con for the movie Knights of Badassdom years ago now. Basically, it’s supposed to be Galaxy Quest for the Live Action Role Play set. We literally could not wait to see this movie. We got home from Comic-Con and eagerly awaited the release.

But the movie was held up in some sort of development hell, and wasn’t released for years. It’s on Netflix now. So, the question is: Was it worth the wait?

Sadly, no.

“Cassadaga” — A Slice of SciFi Review


CASSADAGA tells the story of Lily Morel (Kelen Coleman), a post-lingually deaf artist, who participates in a séance in the spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of getting closure with her recently departed sister, Lily contacts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman. As the ghost becomes increasingly angry and violent, Lily rushes to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman’s death – a task that will bring her face-to-face with a sadistic serial killer who turns his victims into human marionette dolls.

“3D Sun / Mars 3D” — A Slice of SciFi Blu-ray Review

3D Sun / 3D Mars

The Bagcast returns to Slice with a review of “Galactic Adventures: 3D Sun/Mars 3D” documentary narrated by everyone’s favorite weather-guru, Al Roker. Commander Bagcast is pretty impressed with this double feature doc Blu-ray DVD. But why not? After all, the films are filled with amazing NASA footage that gives unprecedented perspective for the Earth-anchored audience.

The Twilight Zone The Complete Series — A Slice of SciFi DVD Review

Twilight Zone: The Complete Series
(episodes only)
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Twilight Zone, promised me tales of another dimension of sight and sound and showed me the morals of society, all while stimulating my brain for aliens, monsters, and the occult. Confused if Twilight Zone was acceptable programming for me or not, I stayed up late may nights, sneaking in as many episodes of Rod Serling’s masterpiece series as I could.

“I Am ZoZo” — A Slice of SciFi Review

I Am ZoZo thumbnail

If you are a believer in the supernatural or can suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in the lore of the ZoZo spirit, it’s a spooky little horror movie with some genuinely creepy moments. This is a film that will make you want to avoid playing with Ouija boards, and may leave you wanting to sleep with the lights on after it’s over.