“RWBY: Volume 3″ Premieres The award-winning series returns to Rooster Teeth


The 12-episode third season of RWBY returns this weekend on RoosterTeeth.com and the Rooster Teeth mobile app. The premiere episode of RWBY: Volume 3 becomes available for the public on Sunday, October 25th, and new episodes will premiere weekly – on Saturdays for Sponsors and Sundays for the public.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Nintendo Quest” The search for collectibles may also be a search for closure

Nintendo Quest

Jay Bartlett is a man on a mission, in 30 days we wants to collect all 678 original commercially released games for the Nintendo Entertainment Series. The biggest caveat, he cannot use the internet to make any of the purchases, he must travel to stores and private collections to buy each one in person   [Read more…]

Vampire Lore from Transylvania to Ancient Peru A presentation on the history and folklore of vampires, just in time for Halloween

Vampire Folklore

“Undead” characters of the male and female varieties literally haunt the global imagination. Sixteenth-century noblewoman Elizabeth Bathory drank peasant blood to maintain her youthful appearance; and the feared Kharisiri demon of the Bolivian Altiplano sucked the life-essence from Aymara children. These tales indicate class and religious conflicts whose actual histories surpass any horror story.   [Read more…]

“Martyrs” Dazzles At Screamfest World Premiere This much talked-about remake shines, chills and thrills

Martyrs Screamfest

As a newcomer to the horror genre, I was initially hesitant not out of concern for the picture’s quality, but fearful I would be too deeply affected by the excessive gore and jump-in-your-seat moments that have kept me away from horror movies thus far. Thankfully, my concerns were unfounded.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Doctor Who: City of Death” by James Goss The classic Fourth Doctor episode written by Douglas Adams makes its way to print

Doctor Who: City of Death

In the halls of Doctor Who fandom, along with that legendary scarf, the name of Douglas Adams goes hand in hand with that of Tom Baker. Adams, known for his Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy books, started with Doctor Who. Specifically, Adams is best known among Whovians for having an authorial hand in three well known Fourth Doctor stories: The Pirate Planet, Shada, and City of Death, which has only recently found its way into bookstores as a novelization penned by James Goss.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Tales of Halloween” A horror anthology of ten short films that vary wildly in entertainment levels

Tales of Halloween

This is an entertaining collection, but not exceptionally so. For some reason, most of the scary stories weren’t very scary at all, but the funny ones and the quirky ones all hit the mark. It’s almost as if the ones that worked found that perfect balance that “Tales from the Crypt” used to hit.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Steve Jobs” Great acting and fascinating characters alone don't make a completely satisfying moviegoing experience

Steve Jobs the Movie

The acting is great. No, make that stellar. This is a movie that should be shown in acting classes, to show aspiring actors how to do it all right. Every single actor is amazing. But the movie truly doesn’t work for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that there is no real beginning and there is no real end. There is only middle.   [Read more…]

Reviewing “Crimson Peak” An atmospheric gothic horror tale forgets itself and becomes an unsatisfying melodramatic actioner

Crimson Peak

I was impressed to see Guillermo del Toro delivering a somewhat staid, classic terror tale with an emphasis on mood and atmosphere. I was curious where he was going with the story, and what dark secrets were going to be revealed. What happens instead is that the film, inexplicably switches gears towards the ending, becoming more of an over-the-top violent action feature mixed with unconvincing and unnecessary melodrama.   [Read more…]

8th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival Features and short films showcase this year's theme: Air

Imagine Science Film Festival: Air

The 8th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival will focus on air in all its forms and meanings: respiration, aeronautics, the elemental composition of the atmosphere, weather, climate, sublimation, gas properties, the mechanics of sound, and all of the mundane and esoteric ways in which air touches everything in and beyond our world.   [Read more…]

Ask 5 Friends: Mars or Bust… On the Tip of Mars’ Spear? Is it a good thing to be in such a rush to get to Mars while one-way trips are the only option?


So, is it wise to take on this mission before we have propulsion systems capable of making the trip in a shorter period of time? Would it be ethical of us to do this now, when we have no choice but make it a one-way mission? Will our first colony mission to Mars end with us impaled upon the spear, or riding it further into new frontiers?   [Read more…]