Star Trek: Live In Concert


“Star Trek: Live in Concert” is coming your way.

“Metallica: Through the Never” — A Slice of SciFi Review


I’m not a huge fan of concert movies, though, mostly because those movies spend a lot of time showing you how cool and/or normal the performers are and don’t spend enough time letting you actually see the concert. Or they’re stultifying dull. So, it’s no surprise that I fall on the Help! side of the movie concert house. As in, I like a fun, fictional story to go along with the musical performance.

Williams Will Score New “Star Wars” Movie


No matter how the new Star Wars movie looks, it will still sound the same.

Sound of Cinema: The Music That Made the Movies


One of the biggest highlights to any film is the music playing behind the scene, in fact, sometime the music itself is the scene. Most directors would agree that without a complementing score in the background many of the great films would have fallen flat on their faces.

A Musical Journey Through Westeros


The music video, directed by Tim Grey, takes Sonya Belousova and her piano on a musical journey through the kingdoms of Westeros, with stunning visual effects and costumes that are simply amazing.

Will John Williams Score New “Star Wars” Movie


Director J.J. Abrams says it’s likely that John Williams will provide the musical score for the upcoming seventh Star Wars movie.

Listen To “The Host” Soundtrack


Based on the best-selling novel by Twilght author Stephenie Meyer, The Host opens in theaters today.

Williams Wants To Compose New “Star Wars” Score


Composer John Williams says that he’s ready to return to “a galaxy far, far away.”

New Blackburner Album features Shatner, Dubstep


Influenced by the member’s backgrounds as metal guitarists and vocalists, BLACKBURNER combines the heavily twisted and seriously aggressive bass beats of Dubstep and Glitch with the melodic hooks of Rock, Industrial and Electronica to create a daring yet widely appealing new hybrid sound.

Remembering Joel Goldsmith


The musical world has lost the composer who gave us the musical sound behind the Stargate franchise.

McCreary Composes Theme for Final Shuttle Launch

Composer Bear McCreary is no stranger to creating music for space dramas. He wrote the music for Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, so why not the fanfare for the space shuttle’s final mission?

Upcoming “Doctor Who” Re-Release Will Include Original Music

If you’re like our news director and own a copy of Jon Pertwee’s “Spearhead from Space,” you may be wondering if the upcoming special edition release is worth buying the story again.

Box Set Highlights Ron Jones “TNG” Music


Composer Ron Jones has composed some of the most memorable incidental music featured in modern “Star Trek.”

Fans have been able to purchase a few selected highlights of his work over the years, but this month Film Score Monthly offers a 14 CD set, covering Jones’ work on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

The set is limited to 5000 copies and runs $149.95. You can hear samples and order HERE.

Marian Call Tours the West

Marian’s currently on her Western swing, so if you’ve never caught her show, there’s a chance she’s coming to a town near you!

“Twilight” Tribute Band

If you’re looking for a bit of humor this morning, check out the video below for the Twilight tribute band by guys who have never read the books or seen the movie.