Trejo Works as Machete Kills: An Interview with Danny Trejo

Machete Kills

Actor Danny Trejo, who stars in the upcoming film Machete Kills, is no stranger to working hard. Machete Kills, the sequel to the 2010 film Machete, is just one of hundreds of roles that this prolific actor has been in since the start of his career. With twenty-nine more films that Trejo has a role in coming out after the release date of Machete Kills, the sixty-nine year old actor has always taken acting as a serious job.   [Read more…]

Robot Combat League: A Slice of SciFi Behind the Scenes Exclusive

Robot Combat League

Slice of SciFi gains unique access to Mark Setrakian at Spectral Motion. Slice TV producer Brian Hennessey gets up close and personal with Mark’s 8-foot tall fighting Robots to see how they’re made, what they cost, how they work, and what their weaknesses are. Brian and Mark met hours after the premiere of Robot Combat League on Syfy and talked about watching Mark’s dream come true.   [Read more…]