Richard LeParmentier, R.I.P

Admiral Motti

The recognizable actor passed away Tuesday.

Remembering Jim Mees


While the name Jim Mees may not be immediately familiar to many, odds are you are familiar with his work.

Banks Announces Next Novel Will Be His Last


Best-selling author Iain M. Banks announced on his website that his next novel, The Quarry, will be his last.

Remembering Jane Henson


Jane Henson, who helped pioneer the Muppets with her husband Jim Henson, has passed away at age 78.

Remembering Richard Griffiths

Richard Griffiths

The actor who brought Harry Potter‘s Uncle Vernon to life on the big screen, has gone on to the next great adventure.

That IRS Star Trek Video


The Internal Revenue Service has come under fire in the past couple of weeks — and it’s not just for changes to this year’s tax code.

Star Trek “Into Darkness” Event For Earth Hour


Last night as the city of London went dark in recognition of the WWF’s Earth Hour, Paramount put on a special Star Trek themed light show.

Remembering Ray Cusick


You may not know his name, but you are certain to be familiar with one of his most recognizable creations.

Remembering Stuart Freeborn

Freeborn Yoda

Stuart Freeborn, the pioneering movie makeup artist best known for creating Star Wars characters Yoda, Chewbacca and Jabba the Hutt, died Tuesday in London from a combination of age related ailments. He was 98.

Gamer Goes On Fast to Protest Parents Not Letting Him Play Games


A 20-something in China is going on a fast in protest.

No, it’s not for a political or social cause, but it’s because his parents want to restrict his time playing video games.

Nemec Injured In Boat Accident


Actor Corin Nemec, who starred in a season of Stargate SG-1, was injured in a boat accident recently.

“Trek” Fan Who Wanted Early Look at Sequel Passes Away


Last week, we brought you a story about how J.J. Abrams had fulfilled the wish of a dying Trek fan to see the next big-screen movie Star Trek Into Darkness.

Dying Fan Sees “Star Trek Into Darkness” Early


J.J. Abrams has granted the wish of a dying fan to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

Remembering Gerry Anderson


British filmmaker Gerry Anderson has passed away at the age of 83.

Anderson was the creator of such iconic genre series as Thunderbirds, UFO and Space: 1999.

Legos Help Man Propose


Who says Legos can’t be romantic? A Star Wars fan combined his love of Legos, a galaxy far, far away and his potential future bride in a diorama recently. A photo below show the set-up, complete with a Lego stormtrooper down on one knee, proposing with a real diamond ring. We’re assuming since the diorama […]