Podiobooks.com Author Sells Movie Rights

Source: Podiobooker Written by: Evo Terra Fantastic news about Matt Wallace, author of The Failed Cities Monologues collection: Precision Pictures Pty Ltd. has announced that it has acquired the film rights to Parsec Award winning author Matt Wallace’s acclaimed experimental podcast novel The Failed Cities Monologues. The Sydney-based production company has also purchased the rights […]

Ace is Back – Sort of!

This fits the category — Please Tell Me It Isn’t So! I know some are going to find this story hard to believe. Well, it is Hollywood, the land of no original imagination, so maybe not. Morgan Creek productions is actually going to make another Ace Ventura movie, as if the horrendously bad script for […]

Kevin Smith Talks New Projects

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Journalist) After years of movies set in the comfortable View Askew universe, Kevin Smith is ready to start making movies that don’t feature Jay and Silent Bob. But that doesn’t mean that the director is ready to completely give up working the friends he’s cultivated during his ten plus years […]

Update: Pick a “Transformer” For the Sequel

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Journalist) I must be the only geek left in the known universe who hasn’t seen “Transformers” yet because when I saw this poll, I was stunned that one of my favorites from back in the day — Soundwave — didn’t make it into the movie. USA Today has a poll […]

Imagine Pictures seeks Alicia Keys to voice Princess Zya

Chicago, Illinois – Imagine Pictures made initial contact with Alicia Keys’ managment company, MBK Entertainment to solicit her involvement in the animated film, The African Princess. All over the country people are talking about this groundbreaking animated film. Imagine Pictures believes Alicia Keys embodies the soul and spirit that translates the strength and character of […]

X-Files Second Movie Script is Completed

During a press junket this weekend to promote his new Showtime series titled “Californication,” actor David Duchovny, who played special agent Fox Mulder on the television series “The X-Files” for 9 years and in the 1998 feature film, told reporters that the script for the next X-Files big screen flick is now finished and he […]

Potter Owns the Weekend

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” easily took the week and bull-dosed all the competition this weekend as well, easily surpassing champion the “Transformers.” Harry and his band of learning wizards grossed another $77+ million since Friday adding to its already growing 4-day total of $140 million. By next weekend it will probably […]

Beautiful Images From the Next Star Trek New Voyages

Star Trek New Voyages has released three images from their upcoming August 23, 2007 international gala and Internet premiere of the latest film from the popular fan-based enterprise. “World Enough and Time,” will star the wonderful and talented original series stars George Takei as Captain Hikaru Sulu and Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand). Feast your […]

10,000 BC – An Epic Tale of Prehistoric Adventure

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures presents 10,000 BC , The Movie Roland Emmerich, director of “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow” and screenwriter Harald Kloser (“AVP: Alien vs. Predator”) invite you to a journey back to a time of darkness to discover life, death, love, hate, good, evil, hope, betrayal, triumph, loss, power, fear […]

Casting for “City of Ember” Comes Together

Tim Robbins, the great Martin Landau, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Harry Treadaway have joined the cast of the Gil Kenan directed film “City of Ember.” Those already on board are headliner Bill Murray along with Toby Jones and Saoirse Ronan. The script for “City of Ember” was written by Caroline Thompson, and based on the Jeanne […]

The Simpsons Are New Englanders

Written by: Samuel K. Sloan (Farpoint Media Exec. News Dir.) All this time the majority of Simpsons fans assumed the family was from the Ohio Valley, but it turns out they come, not from Springfield, Ohio — but Springfield, Vermont. After a huge campaign to give the family of Homer and Marge a real home […]

Disney Flicks On Xbox 360

SANTA MONICA, California (AP) — Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it struck a deal to make 35 Disney movies, such as the animated hit “Aladdin” and the action title “Armageddon,” available for download on its online video game service. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 leads the current generation of console wars in the U.S. with 5.6 million units […]