“KONG” 9th Wonder of the World – Get’s Early Preview

Source: ComingSoon.net Submitted by: Kyle Nin NBC Universal will present an unprecedented motion picture preview “roadblock” as all nine of its networks simultaneously telecast the world premiere of the first trailer for Universal Pictures’ King Kong, the dramatic adventure helmed by Oscar®-winning director Peter Jackson, on Monday, June 27, from 8:59:30-9:02 PM ET.

Animated to Animation

Source: Variety & SciFi Wire Submitted by: Kyle Nin Russell joins the big leagues in MI:3 and Burton goes back to animation. Felicity’s Russell Joins Mission Impossible III Cast Keri Russell has joined the cast of Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 3, reuniting the actor with director J.J. Abrams, whose Felicity TV show first brought Russell widespread […]

Serenity News

According to this post over at Fireflyfans.net, Universal has been taken aback at the response to the SERENITY advance screenings… and might be considering an release date earlier than the scheduled September 30th. link via WHEDONesque

Cage Takes On Ghost Rider

Written by: S.K. Sloan Johnny Blaze is a demon-possessed motorcycling stunt driver. Now, if that’s not a premise screaming for film adaptation, I don’t know what is. Nicholas Cage is perfectly cast as the strangely funny, but tormented, Johnny Blaze. In fact, I would be hard-pressed to think of any actor living today who could […]

Bruce Campbell Returns (New film, new book, same old Bruce)

Yes, it’s true, Bruce Campbell is back. That said, don’t go getting your Wonder Woman underoos all in a bunch right away. In fact, just cool your jets. Hell, take a deep breath, while you’re at it, too. Yes, the ever loveable Bruce “Don’t Call Me Ash” Campbell is again hitting the spotlight, but before the insane thought even ventures into your cerebral cortex it should be noted that he ain’t announcing, promoting or even mentioning the words Evil Dead IV (or Bubba Ho-Tep II, for that matter).

The Celestine Prophecy on Celluloid

Written by: S.K. Sloan Matthew Settle (Into the West & Rancid) will be starring in the big-screen adaptation of the James Redfield novel “The Celestine Prophecy.” Settle will star as John Woodson, a seeker who explores the Peruvian rain forest in search of an ancient, secret manuscript.

ONE READ and Hollywood Look To “Ender’s Game”

Orignal Story by: MARCIA VANDERLIP of the Columbia Tribune Submitted by: Lesmond Check it out. The ballots have been counted, and “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card is the 2005 One Read selection, a Daniel Boone Regional Library task force announced today. Popular among young adults and teens, the selection is designated for readers age […]

Star Trek XI’s Time Warp


Source: Dreamwatch Magazine – Issue 8 Submitted by: S.K. Sloan Screenwriter doesn’t know when his own film is set New Star Trek screenwriter Erik Jendersen has sent out confusing signals about plans for the 11th film in the science fiction series. Band of Brother’s Jendersen was unveiled as the writer for the Paramount Pictures prequel […]

“X-Men 3″ loses another director

Only two months before the scheduled start of production on X-Men 3, director Matthew Vaughn has left the project, citing personal reasons, in not wanting to uproot his family from London for a year while he worked on the project. Maybe Fox can still bring back Bryan Singer, since Joss Whedon’s going to be busy […]


Source: Sci-Fi Wire Compiled by: S.K. Sloan There are some interesting (and maybe, not so interesting) movies on the horizon for 2005 and early 2006. BATMAN BEGINS Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight’s emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his […]

ANT and DEC To Star In A Sci-Fi Comedy

Source: The Online Sun Submitted by: Lesmond (Slice of Sci-Fi News Researcher) For our UK readers this story out of The Sun and The Hollywood News will be of interest. England’s comedy duo, Ant and Dec have gotten themselves leads in an upcoming movie entitled “Alien Autopsy.” It is slated as a ‘sci-fi comedy’. If […]